If I Were Edward Liddy I’d Save AIG: Congress Try Me

March 19th, 2009 | By

When the story broke about AIG giving $140 Million in bonuses to the same employees that wrecked the company, I was furious. I wanted to roast every single person that received a dime of that money.

But the cool thing about me, I always take a moment to think out any situation. So, I waited until Liddy made his way in front of Congress to make a final judgement.

PLEASE THINK ABOUT THIS> Congress is trying to tell Liddy give back the $140 Million or don’t even think about getting the next $30 Billion. And what about the 3.7 Trillion planned for next years budget? This is what they do. Get you looking in one direction, while they are doing some thing else in the other direction. Magicians.

Let’s pretend for just one moment I was Edward Liddy and Barney Frank had the nerve to imply insult towards me or Chris Dodd tried to duck his role in this debacle. Oh! The Joy……..

Barney Frank: How dare you come before Congress after giving away $140 Billion of taxpayer money in the form of bonuses? You should be ashamed.

Me as Liddy: Why is that Senator Frank, orchestrator of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac forced lending principles that caused businesses like AIG the ability to make money off false derivatives.

BF: We are not talking about Fannie or Freddie, we are talking about your incompetence as a C.E.O.

MasL: Dear Senator Frank, you and the rest of Congress asked me to take this job. If I am incompetent, what does that make you?

BF: I see you have come here with a chip on your shoulder.

MasL: Why would that be? Could it be, I came out of retirement to make $1 a year saving a company You, the former administration, the current administration, and every member of Congress said was to big to fail. The current economic crisis in this country is to big to fail. Should you get paid $1 to serve the American people like I’m doing?

BF: How dare you insult this panel by talking about how you are looking out for the American Taxpayer?

MasL: How dare you take insult, without a single grain of remorse. Barack Obama, you, and the rest of Congress pushed this Bail Out bill through without even reading it. This “panel” did not check the contracts in place before giving away the money. Where is the admission on guilt and remorse from you that sit in judgment of me.

BF: Mr. Liddy, you are completely out of line.

MasL: Oh, I’m just getting started. What are you going to do Mr. Frank? Fire me. Who are you going to get to work for $1 a year to deal with people like you. It only shows why those who are still employed at AIG and got the bonuses, deserve them.

I was not a part of AIG when now Secretary Geitner was creating this bail out. Why is he not on Capital Hill testifying to how these bonuses were allowed to slip through the cracks?

And now, you want me to go back to American Taxpayers, because you do remember that most of the employees that recieved a bonus are American Taxpayers who are now going to put that money back into the economy, and tell them the contracts Congress and AIG signed are wrong and they have to give back the money.

Instead of taking your place of guilt, you want to start a mob. A mob that threathens killing AIG executives and their families. And you tell me all I have to do is give the money back and the threats stop. Isn’t that extortion? Isn’t that a felony? How dare you?

BF: Mr. Liddy..

MasL: Please take no offense to this Senator Frank but the American People have no confidence in You and Congress. I will not allow you to place all the blame on me. Not because I am not big enough to handle it, but because I want AIG to flourish again.

No one will invest in a company where the whims of Washington rule the C.E.O.’s decisions. You have given AIG Billions of dollars in taxpayer money and it is my job to recoop that money so my grandkids don’t have to pay it back in higher taxes later. That’s why I’m here, not to take ridicule and judgement from you.

If you continue this tirade to deflect attention from the real economic problems and focus squarely on these bonuses, while further hurting the image of A.I.G.; you are in fact guaranteeing AIG will fail. And I will not allow it.

Thank you for this time to speak. I have real business to get done. Shouldn’t you be reading the 3.7 trillion dollar budget proposal by Barack Obama. Or do you plan to sign that one into law before reading it also? Who is going to be your next scapegoat since you can’t use me?


After you heard that, everyone would be in rush to invest in AIG, as long as Liddy was running it. They would have confidence and that’s what missing in the market today. Real true confidence in the people in the positions of power.

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