Another Auto Bail-Out or One Final Kick Out: Detroit Pay Attention

March 30th, 2009 | By

In the time of the Bail-Out, when is enough, enough. When will the government realize that our will is not being done? When will they realize we are not in a position to continue spending money we don’t have? And when will American Industry stand and do what it’s always done, adapt to any situation.

That has been our legacy. No matter the challenge or the obstacle, we find a way to turn lemons into lemonade. Along the way, we find out we can take a sour situation and turn it into refreshment when the days get hot.

The continuous bail-outs are stopping that from happening. Barack Obama keeps giving money when the company gives nothing in return. In other words, the tax payers are actually helping businesses stay prehistoric and unproductive. We know better than that.

Detroit has the ear of the Union, the government, and the people who are desperate to hold on to their jobs. How about listening to the ear of the master Lemonade maker. I’m always looking for the silver lining in the dark clouds.

O.k. You have a workforce of people good with mechanics, factories full of machines, a government that wants to pour Trillions of dollars into going green but no one in America makes the parts for the wind turbines or solar plates.

You know if you continue to take government money, they will eventually control every aspect of your business. We’ve learned from Bernie Madoff, sticking all your eggs in one basket isn’t very smart. And history has shown, even in prosperous times, Detroit still struggles when it’s main source of income is the Auto Industry.

Detroit, maybe it’s time you kick the Auto Industry out of your town. You can keep the, “We’re going to hold ourselves up by the bootstraps” Ford, but let GM and Chrysler find new homes. That’s if, they could stay afloat during the process.

We all point and say, you can’t do that. You would ruin the American Auto Industry forever. No, we’d create space for other designers and CEO’s to come up with a new product. They’d place plants in different cities and if the Auto Industry starts to hurt again in the future, the pain will be dispersed over a larger area. It wouldn’t collapse an entire U.S. City with it’s demise.

Well what about the people that depend on their job in one of those plants? I got news for you, your job is already in jeopardy. You have been living in a comfort zone created by the Union. I don’t blame you, but it’s time to get out of your comfort zone. Your comfort is killing your city. Maybe it’s not fair, but maybe it’s the right thing to do.

The people of Detroit have an obligation, just as every other American. We are charged with leaving our city, state, and country in a better position than our parents left to us. You were left with a flourishing Auto Industry, high wages, great benefits, and security. What will you leave your children with?

The stigma of the city that ate a Trillion dollars with no production. How the greedy people of Detroit allowed the Unions to kill the Auto Industry? O.K. I’m smart enough to know the Liberals that write the history books will give you a bail-out and put the blame elsewhere, but the truth is you hold the blame.

You vote for the politician with the easy fix, instead of the one willing to make the tough choices to better your city for the future. You vote in and stand by Kwame Kilpatrick, should I say any more?

Maybe I’m taking this a step to far, but I’m in that kind of mood today. Let’s make a politically incorrect comparison.

Detroit is in the middle of a storm. They can choose to re-act like the people in New Orleans and sit and wait for the government to save them, or the can re-act like the people in Fargo and decide to save themselves. Let’s just say, Fargo is going to be hit by another storm today on top of the flooding they have already endured and there are no cases of people being trapped on their roofs or patients in hospitals being taken of life support because some random person deems them not worth saving.

It’s a choice. People of Detroit pay attention.

P.S. I forgot to mention another huge benefit of kicking out the Auto Industry, you’d find out how much the Unions really care about people. I’m willing to bet they would disappear from Detroit the moment GM and Chrysler left and wouldn’t return until the could rape your next source of industry.

Will you fall for it again?

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