Fire from the Heartland: Obama’s Gangsta

September 25th, 2010 | By

I actually cut my last article short because I really wanted to address this. I recieved my first piece of negative press about Fire from the Hearland.  It is entitled Obama a “gangsta” says new film celebrating conservative women.

Out of the whole film, really?  Garance Franke-Ruta are you serious?  Of course you are.  This is the women who didn’t even look me in the eye when she was interviewing me.  She didn’t ask me a single question about my “gansta” comment when she had me right in front of her face.  Instead she waits until she is behind her computer screen to right such nonsense.

Well, isn’t the internet a wonderful thing. 

Did I say Obama was gangsta?  Yes I did.  Back on July 22nd 2008 when I wrote a piece entitled Is Barack Obama the Tony Soprano of Politics?  and I stand by every word I wrote in that article.    I said you had to bring your street smarts with you when you look at Candidate Obama.

And No Garance Franke-Ruta, it’s not because he’s black or I’m black, it’s because he is from CHICAGO!  As Andy Stern would say, “it’s because if they can’t use the power of persuasion they will use the persuasion of power”. It’s because instead of running a fair race, they use loopholes and political favors to elect their representatives.

My real anger at Obama’s Gangsta lies in the results.  How many more black boys have to die on the streets of Chicago before you start pointing the fingers towards the people that profit from their deaths?  How long does the above average poverty and unemployment rates amongst blacks in Illinois have to continue before we look at the government they have in place?  Are we going to wait until the state falls into bankruptcy before we as a nation can say there is something rotten in the Windy City.

Or shall we wait until Rahm Emaual, who has ten times the gangsta in his pinkie finger as Obama has in his whole body, to become Mayor to Hope for Change?   Oh wait, am I a racist for calling a Jew gangsta?  Am I sexist for saying Barack Obama’s big sis Valerie Jarrett is a female gangsta?  Or am I self-hating for pointing out President Barack Obama has no high profile blacks, other than Eric Holder, in his administration. 

No, I’m just a part of that misguided group Frederick Douglass Foundation.  We are imagining we have 13 black Republicans running across the country for seats traditionally held by Democrats.  We aren’t campaigning in safe white zones, we are venturing out into the communities that Democratic policies have destroyed in the last 40 years:

Star Parker (CA-37)

Ryan Frazier (CO-7)

Allen West (FL-22)

Isaac Hayes (IL-02)

Robert Broadus (MD-4)

Charles Lollar (MD-5)

Bill Marcy (MS-2)

Michael Faulkner (NY-15)

Bill Randall (NC-13)

Tim Scott (SC-3)

Charlotte Bergman (TN-9)

Stephen Broden (TX-30)

Chuck Smith (VA-3)

Did I forget to point out, majority of these candidates are Tea Party Favorites?

I don’t know why I expected more from reporter but I did.  It was a novice mistake but it won’t happen again.  If you get anything from this film, make it my response to Arlen Specter’s questioning of Michelle Bauchman: “had it been me, you would’ve gotten a response from someone who didn’t care about being a lady”.

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