May 21st, 2008 | By

You told me you loved me

And I loved you too

But I got a little tongue tied

And never managed to tell you

You told me you adored me

And for me, you’d always care

I never told you how I felt

I thought you’d always be there

You told me how you loved my eyes

How in the sun they would glisten

I never complimented you back

Sometimes I didn’t even listen

You tried to give me everything

If  you had it, it was mine

I was going to repay

But I ran out of time

You tried to please me

But to my standards, you could never live up

I tried to deny you

But know I would die for your touch.

You finally found that love

Promised to a true lover by fate

I tried to live up to those standards

But I gave Too Little Too Late

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