Dear Lover: Letter 1

June 5th, 2008 | By

Dear Lover

I began our relationship with hopes of forever. I saw in you, MAGIC. You weren’t perfect, neither was I, but together we made sense. Where I was weak you made me strong, and I gave every bit of strength I had to you, without asking.

Now I find it difficult to see any magic. Where I once trusted you with my heart, I now cry above the broken pieces. Where I once cradled you in my soul, now echos with emptiness. Where I once held thoughts of a future, now pulses pain in my brain.

So what to do?

Shall I continue on or should I bail out? I pose this question to you. What will you do to get me to stay?

Let me answer. You don’t care, because I need you more than you need me. I’ve heard it a thousand times, You don’t care, but I stay.

So Dear Lover

I’ve found my self worth, and it’s worth more than you give. So I’ll walk away, with nothing but what I came with, and I’ll cry. I’ll want you back. I’ll think I need you back, but I’ll remember your words.

Your words, that once sparked magic, will now reinforce my self worth. Your words will become seeds that grow my self-confidence.

So thank you Lover

From you I’ve learned so much about myself. I don’t need you. I need to love myself enough to throw you aside.

I do love you. I just love me more.

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