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Nina B Video: Show Support

August 19th, 2008 | By Sonnie

Now if you’re anything like me, you notice the lack of Feminine Personalities on the Rap Scene. Where are the Women with something to say? If we really want to hear them, then we have to seek them out.

But most of All, When we find them, we have to show them our support. Check back when they release New Material. Save that new dress for when the Female Artist comes to town. Call your radio stations and ask why they are not the ones in heavy Rotation.

Now Presenting Ms. Nina B.

You Won’t Get My Money

May 21st, 2008 | By Sonnie

I was overjoyed watching the 07 BET Music Awards. Katt Williams was great. I loved how he highlighted all the positives happening in our communities. I loved it, but my favorite moment came from legendary Hip Hop’er.

MC Lyte said “Know who is making music for you.” I jumped off my couch and began jumping around yelling and screaming her praises. All she had to say was “Ludacris” and I would’ve created the new MC Lyte Fanclub with a tattoo on my forehead.

Now I know he isn’t the only one, nor is he the worst. Ludacris just happens to cause the most drama in my house. My beau was a huge Ludacris fan when we met. I listened and since we were in that new stage of a relationship, I didn’t rant and rave. I even went and bought him’Chicken and Beer.” I wanted to surprise him so I put it in the car.

That was it. I lost it. It was the worst kind to. You know from “Anger Management” when Jack Nicholson kept pressing Adam Sandler. I was there. Every song was about a ho. Now I’m not sensitive. I know there are whores, tricks, and the rest, but every song.

I instantly formed an opinion of Ludacris. He doesn’t want my money. He isn’t making music for me and the women like me that show respect for ourselves. I bet he was payed alot of attention at school, because no girls would give him any play.

Then my dude confirmed my thoughts. He informed me Ludacris grew up in Fairfax, and he was a total goober. He had seen pictures. He began back pedaling when I began laughing and throwing insults Luda’s way. Now that could have been someone making up an I know him story, but I believe it. No man that has been touched by a real woman could make an entire album without a single nice thing to say.

Now I’m going to stop downin Ludacris, he making money and I’m far from a hater. I just know who’s making music for me. So I’ll buy my favs the day they come out and I’ll teach my daughter what to look for.

Inspiration, a message, a slammin beat, and an artist that considered you as target. Those of you that refuse to see women as more than a wet spot, you get no love, no airplay on my radio, and especially no money.