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Sumthin Gotta Give: Big Boi and Mary J. Blige

August 25th, 2008 | By Sonnie

I Love OutKast. Mary J. Blige is my favorite Female Artist. Just watch the video, while I build my thoughts.

Oh! Hip Hop isn’t dead. It lives and there are “Mainstream” Artists that will put it all out there. Not like Jack Ass Ludacris, but with swag and eloquence. I really hate to do what I’m about to.

What the Hell is Wrong with You Two?

In the beginning, you should have stated this was an endorsement for Barack Obama. I don’t mind that you have an opinion and you want to share it. Go Ahead. But make it known ahead of time. Question why they wait until the end of the video to show Obama. Is it maybe; then you don’t have to explain How He Is Going To Help You.

Why not start with the local Government? Why not point out the Mayors’ that have held office during the declining years? Let’s just throw one out there.

This is Shirley Franklin. She has been the Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia since 2002. If the schools continue to decline. Go and talk to her. If the crime rate gets worse, go knock on her door. If you can’t find a job, ask her for one. I guarantee If Barack Obama becomes President, the government of your city will not change. Especially if you already have a Democrat in office.

So What’s the Point?

I don’t think they are encouraging anyone new to vote for Obama. The ones’ who would fall for it, already are voting for him because he is black.

My beef comes with the deception. I believe the words in the song, until Mary begins to sing. I just don’t see how any policy Barack Obama supports will get us to the World they Want. Okay we can bring the troops home. I got that, Not going to argue, but what else?

See, Democrats will fight for the right to have guns in Video’s but will try to deny you the right to have one in your home legally. They will fight for Health Care but will split your benefits with Illegal Immigrants. They will fight for College Tuition but fight against sending your child to a school that will actually prepare them for College. They will fight for your right to choose but will deny you the right to help your child with the decision. They will fight for Gay’s right to marry but be careful, with a combined income you might become “Rich” and see your Taxes double.

Where is any of that in the Message?