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June 25th, 2008 | By Sonnie

It’s a painful reality of life, we will all get our hearts broken once or twice. Not to sound like a rhyme, but it happens time to time. I’m kidding.

We women get a real difficult decision in those situations. We can go out like Beyonce and “Ring the Alarm” or we can be Rhianna and let him “Take a Bow” and go.

You have to understand what effect your response plays on a situation. Take Beyonce.

That’s how you feel when it first happens, but that’s when he or she still has control over you. You are so worried about how he’s spending his time, instead of healing yourself. That means if it doesn’t work out for you, you carry all that garbage with you to the next relationship.

Worst than that you allow the intruder know how much they hurt you. I love to show up happy and flossy, like I got gold mines in my living room. You feel better when you look good. You should concentrate of what somebody else it going to get, but it shouldn’t be the next female he plays. It should be the next man you decide to give your heart to.

Now this is the answer. Calm and cool, completely realizing it is their lost.

Even more than that, he or she will be standing there like no fussing or fighting. They would be shocked, because when they can get you to argue back you start to let down your defenses. Not to mention angry sex is awesome, and hard to turn away.

Beyonce’s performance speaks for itself. She is off the chain. When I first heard Ring the Alarm, I was like Hell Yeah. Then you flip through the channels and Court TV is headlining 3 trials where one spouse killed the other. Seriously. I got a little one and I be damned if I’m going to jail because you don’t know what you have.

I didn’t give Rhianna any props until this song. I stopped listening to the radio when “Umbrella” was in heavy rotation. It gave me a real bad mainstream song headache. Then she comes back and makes history. First artist to debut at #58 and make it to Number 1. Kudos.

So from a grown womans perspective. They are both beautiful. Beyonce is more successful right now, but Rhianna is quickly building a strong fan base. That means the choice will be ours. Not in which artist to like, but what approach to take.

Let’s see Beyonce ends her video in a police station and Rhianna ends hers with a smile of her face. Choice is yours.

Oh, let me cut you off. If you say that I should have compared “Irreplaceable” instead of “Ring the Alarm”, I refuse. I can have another you by tomorrow. Why would you want another him? Leave all your stuff in a box, for what? Take that shit. It’s your reward, I don’t want it. Except the car of course.

Beyonce “LISTEN”

May 18th, 2008 | By Sonnie

When DREAMGIRLS was released Christmas Day 2006, I wasn’t in a rush to go and see it. I decided to wait for the DVD release. When that came out, I still didn’t rent it. It took a broken down train and hot bus to force me to watch it. A story for another day.

EDDIE MURPHY was brilliant as “Thunder Early”. Jimmy got soul, Jimmy got soul. How could you not love that? JENNIFER HUDSON, former AMERICAN IDOL winner, played the diva, Effie, and did a hell of a job at it. Her vocals gave heart and soul to the movie. JAMIE FOX played Curtis Taylor Jr., a strong willed producer with a by any mean neccessary philosphy.

My comments come on Deena, played by BEYONCE KNOWLES. I know the purpose of her character was to stand in the backround and she did a wonderful job of that. Her little concerts were cute, she was beautiful in her photo shoot, but she exploded in “Listen”.

Her awakening towards the ending was beautiful, and made me watch the movie over and over again. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything, and my opinion, she was the one not listening.

When he refused to let her have a child, she wasn’t listening. When she had to sneak to talk about her future, she wasn’t listening. It wasn’t until he got bold enough to say it out right she got the message.

Take lesson in this. If at night you lay in bed and think about all the shit pushed on you by those who claim to love you, listen. If your constantly repeating your feelings on the same subject, listen. If there is something empty inside you and that person had no desire to fill it, listen.

When your words fall on deaf ears, a million words should be flying towards you. Don’t wait until they get bold enough to say it. “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” MAYA ANGELO. Refer to my blog “TWO HEARTS”.

More than listening to what the other person is saying, listen to what your tellling yourself. If you’re trying to keep someone when that person is hurting you, listen to yourself. Would you give that advice to your best friend? Keep someone that’s no good for you.

Instead of expecting someone else to listen, do a little listening yourself.