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Ballin’ While Broke: My Prospective of Dr. King’s Dream

January 20th, 2009 | By

Yesterday, I took the President Elects advice and committed myself to a day of service. It did not turn out as I plan, which is always the case. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. I still have to wrap my brain around the enormous generosity of the American people, even in the hard economics we are currently facing.

Yesterday was special for another reason. I got to tell my daughter the complete history of the Martin Luther King Jr. legacy. Not just the version that was taught to me.

I told my daughter that the liberals hated Dr. King. They thought he was the most dangerous man in the United States of America. A man that only preached non-violence was placed on thewatch list of all major government entities.

My daughter looked up at me and asked “What is a Liberal?”

I responded “most democrats”. Maybe a stroke with a broad brush but it fits.

I thought about going off subject and explaining to her the concept of political parties but this was a moment to teach her a much better lesson. I’m perplexed on how to bring up racial issues to my daughter. If I tell her of the black man’s struggles before she is ready, I could scar her for life. If I wait to long, someone else can get to her before I have the chance.

So, I thought it better to talk to her about the other side on Dr. King’s Dream. We instantly think of Dr. King as a civil rights advocate. But we forget he was a poor rights advocate. See, he realized something we refuse to see. It’s not the color of your skin that holds you back, it’s the lack of money in your pocket.

He realized that most whites that protested against him, were in the same boat as the blacks he stood up for. They to were poor and the thought of having more people to compete against scared them. Put that on top of the words of hate inherited from their parents and you had a recipe for disaster.

Just as when you take a poor black man whose parents have told him nothing about the success he could become, only of the pain they have endured. Then give him little to no opportunity to support his family and what do you get? A recipe for disaster.

By now, my daughter was ready to get away. I use every opportunity to teach her something new. And she hates it. I let her go and found myself watching the Dr. King special. It’s funny the things you don’t pay attention to because you don’t know they are important at the time.

I started yelling at the T.V. It’s one of my favorite pass times. Watching the history channel and yelling at the T.V. Off point. During the last days of Dr. King’s life, he was depressed. Severely depressed. The famous last footage of Dr. King’s birthday was set into place by his followers because Dr. King hadn’t smiled in months.

His “friend” in the White House Democrat Lyndon Johnson had turned on him because he disagreed with America’s role in the Vietnam War. Some of his top black supporters turned on him the moment he went against Democratic Politics. And his practice of non-violence fell on deaf ears to those in the black community.

Then it hit me. We shouldn’t be happy the day a black man gets into office. We should be happy the day a broke man gets into office. Could you imagine? A man with enough character to capture the hearts of the American people without the need for Union support or wealthy donors. A truly broke man with nothing but his morals and values.

Such a responsibility would be great and a real chance at the change we need. See, a broke man would look at the money being spent in Washington and realize it’s being wasted. He would know you don’t get out of debt by going into more debt without their being some consequence. He would say, “We have people losing their homes and you want to pay for wooden arrows”. I have a feeling a lot of bills would get vetoed.

He would remember how he signed papers before reading them and got stuck in a bad loan. So, when Congress demanded fast action on a bill, he would say “No. Fool me once, shame on you.” And Congress would have to fall in line. Oh! How much change would come to our country.

See, the poor man would remember the opportunities he let pass. The jobs he showed up late for, the ones he left early. He would understand job creation means nothing if you can’t capture the soul of the people. What good is it to create thousands of jobs, if a segment of the population is content with letting the government take care of them? He would understand that he needs to make the jobs available but he also has to entice the people who need them most to take them.

Hey! I just got a wonderful idea. Maybe President Obama should have a Broke Czar. He’s created a Czar for everything else. Run the report by the broke Czar with no fear ofrepercussions . Let him get on YouTube and tell the American People this bill is full of stuff we don’t need, without fearing the wrath of NancyPelosi or Harry Reid. That would be change we could believe in.

Or would we ruin it for ourselves? Like those who took advantage of the easy loans but instead of getting something they could afford, they wereBallin while Broke. Or those that blame Former President Bush for their economic troubles. Or parents who complain about their children’s schools, but spend no time working with their children to compensate.

O.K. These are the worse. Take an average High School in an Urban Area. Let’s say the statistics of those who can read at a high school level is 20%. O.K. Yes, the school plays a big part in this but so do the parents. If 80% of the parents don’t know their child can’t read or knows and doesn’t care, why are they spending time complaining about what someone else needs to do. You need to take the time to make sure your child catches up and stop waiting for help to zoom in.

Because you never know what the future holds and Obama may appoint a Poor Czar, let’s all start to get ready for the vetting process. First, we all must make sure we’ve made plenty mistakes of our own in this poor man’s war started by Dr. King over 40 years ago. We must admit to these mistakes and have stiff backbones to learn from them. Next, we have to be unafraid to tell our government what we really think. That means we must pay attention to local elections and hold representatives responsible for the votes they make, no matter the color of their skin orpolitical affiliation.

Most importantly, we all have to remember what it was like to be poor. Remember what it was like when credit wasn’t available to you and you had to pay for things straight out. Remember the pride you felt when you could accomplish this. Maybe that’s what’s lacking. The pride you felt when you worked hard for something, instead of the instant need to want more just because it’s easy to obtain right away.

We can’t forget what the last couple years has taught us. Ballin’ While Broke affects everybody. Further confirming the need for a change of battlefield. Since we now have our first African American President, let’s now fight for our first broke President. The new era of struggle in America.

Funny, how Dr. King knew it in the 60’s and we’re just starting to catch on.

Is Racism Stealing Our History?

January 15th, 2009 | By

I’m going to do my very best to be good.

Someone very close to me is making really bad decisions. In the current economy, jobs are hard to come by. When offered, an excuse for refusal should never be, “I ain’t working for no white man”. Should I have to say any thing else?

You would think not. But I had this conversation. Yesterday. And today, I am perplexed at the extent holding on to racism is ruining our country. The sad part is the perpetrators are not cloaked in white hoods.

They stand on street corners, not caring about the communities they ruin. They preach from pulpits, unaware the field of battle has changed. They represent political parties that push victimization.

I know, all things I’ve said before. Over and over again, I’ll admit. But it still rains true. Yet, I think I missed the point of how much history this romantic embrace with racism is costing us.

You don’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you came from, so let’s take a look back at history. Let’s imagine our current community mentality was present during the Civil War.

Imagine how we would crucify the slaves that wanted to learn to read and write. Think about this the next time you are watching roots and all the hate bubbles to the top. You have replaced the white man in those scenarios. You know the one you hate because he whipped a slave for having a book. Think about that as you bully a nerd in school.

Imagine how we would crucify Harriet Tubman. Who does she think she is? Uppity Negro thinking she better than us. Thinking she has the right to come and go as she pleases, while I’m stuck in these chains. But what about her struggle? What about her sacrifice? And there you are, safe, in your chains, complaining.

Let this seep into your mind when you are complaining about how they “just trying to hold a brother down”. Who is They? You. Did you laugh because the geek at McDonald’s got robbed of his paycheck? (I’m not going to lie, at one time I laughed.) What are we accomplishing by this behavior? I’ll answer that shortly.

Let’s imagine we lived along side, Booker T. Washington or W.E.B. Dubois. I won’t even evoke such hate on their memory. Instead, I’ll use my own personal experience. The great thinkers of our history would have been called “Uncle Toms”, “self haters”, or “house slaves”. Think about this as you shout about the accomplishments of those great men, then turn around and throw hate at me for attempting to follow suit.

Should I even bring up Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? You know I am. Imagine, if in the height of the Civil Rights era, our current community values took hold. Imagine, if after the dogs had been sicked on Dr. King, all the black people took to the streets and started destroying their own property. I can’t even write that with a straight face. Dr. Kings whole mission was non violent. Yet, think of the violence that occurs on most streets across the country that bear his name. Should I mention it’s mostly black on black violence?

Why was it impossible to stop slaves from learning? Why did Harriet Tubman continue to risk her life on the underground railroad? Why did Booker T. and W.E.B. demand on thinking for themselves? Why did Dr. King not met violence with violence? And why doesn’t our generation have the backbone of our fore fathers?

I’ll give you a hint. I mentioned the answer some where in this article. Think. Bingo. The battle field has changed. It was once us against them. We had a reason to stand and fight together. Now we destroy each other from the inside out.

We are a weak generation. Racism couldn’t stop great men and women from escaping whips and chains. Racism couldn’t stop enlightened minds from sharing information. Racism couldn’t stop thousands of white and black men and women from marching together for equality. Yet, racism can control us from the grave.

We spend so much time thinking about what was done to us, we forget what we accomplished. Even in the face of racism and hate. Why are we so easily broken when those before were so strong?

Sometimes I hating writing blogs like this. I always come up with more questions than I can provide answers. I feel like this should be easy. I mean, all the hard work has been done. We got everything our ancestors fought and died for and yet here we are. In a state of stagnation. Holding on to victim status like it marks our history more than the great people we talk about every February.

We can talk about how Dr. King died, with no mention of how he lived. We can complain about what we don’t have, when people have made it with much less. We can place blame on former slave owners, while copying their treatment of blacks around us.

Then we self righteously walk around like we control all matters of race. We do. And we get all the pitfalls of holding on to such a stigma.

Do you want respect or pity? I can give full respect to my elders who have actually went through the fire. They have the right to hold their memories and anger. It’s not healthy but it’s their right.

I hold an open mind to those slightly older than me that may have felt the remnants of a changing society. I never said racism doesn’t exist. Some people have been through horrible things because of their color.

I haven’t. Most of my friends haven’t. The person close to me making bad decisions hasn’t. What right do we even have to hold this stigma? We don’t. We can use it as an excuse though.

The person close to me has a lot of valid anger. He’s never met his father. His mother was an addict. And he’s spent the majority of his life feeling abandoned. Yet, when asked why he can’t get his life together, it has something to do with a white man.

And the credit for this thinking comes from whom? Dr. King? Harriet Tubman? Or does it come from the pride of holding on to racism instead of dealing with the real problems that plague our society?

When they write the history of our generation, what will they say? What song will they play to take our children back to the days of old? Other than Barack Obama, who will they say helped advance the position of black people in America? Or will the history books remain blank with our accomplishments? Not because racism still exist. Because we have nothing of value to add.

History tends to repeat itself. I’m just waiting for our generation to stand shoulder to shoulder with those before us. Tick Tock Tick Tock

A New Trillion Dollar Stimulus: Tell Your Child The American Dream is Dead

January 12th, 2009 | By

Here we go again. Another Trillion Dollar Plan to help our economy. Yes. More money, more money. Wait. Aren’t we in debt up to our ears right now. Where are we going to get this money? Who is going to pay it back? I’m not a finance major but I do run a household. I know you don’t get out of debt by creating more debt.

So what will the American People receive from this plan? Let’s take a look.

Infrastructure Repair

I listed this first because it is the only part that makes any sense. With bridges collapsing and levees breaking, we do need to invest in our infrastructure. I hate driving over large bridges, that’s before the threat that it could fall from beneath my car.

But is this something that the government should fix? Yes. Local Government. Why? Because local governments can contract to local businesses, therefore helping the local economy. Taxpayer money goes back to the people who payed in the first place. Plus, more local small business job creation.

That can’t happen.

Only the Government Can Fix This Problem

I think this is one of those, ‘If you say it enough times, it’ll come true’ statements. What does the government actually ever fix? This is what kills me about those who follow President Barack Obama so blindly.

He is nothing more than a politician. Not taking away from any of his achievements or his eloquence, he is still a politician. The lower segment of our population has been complaining about the same problems for decades. It’s hard for a poor man to make it in this world.

So show me a situation where the government made it happen. So me one situation where the government took a poor man and made him into a success. It doesn’t happen. Each person makes a decision on how they want to live their lives. The government may step in and assist but the main burden lays with the person developing the wealth.

We, the American People, develop the wealth of this country. Not the government. If anyone is going to fix this problem, it won’t be someone who has spent their adult lives learning how to phrase a statement properly so you won’t know their true intent.

It will come on the back of hard working Americans, the brains of creative Americans, and the fearlessness and belief of all Americans in the American Dream.

What American Dream?

I’m glad you asked. The ones we are taking away from our children to give us temporary relief right now. See, I was taught that each generation should try and leave this country in a better position than the generation before it. We are failing miserably.

With the election of our first African American President, we will leave the next generation with more acceptance of other races and hopefully religions. But will the large debt we are incurring out shadow this moment when the history books are written?

Will this moment of reverence be nothing more than an asterisk next to the moment the free market died in America? Yes.

During the election, the only thing people thought about was the economy, their money. Why do you think anything will be different in the future? Our children are going to want to create wealth for themselves. Instead, they will be paying higher taxes trying to pay back the Trillions we are spending right now. We are creating the debt that will rob our children of the American Dream. Do you understand? Your child will suffer your mistakes.

No. They will benefit because I am able to work right now.

Fight for a Temporary Job

New Jersey is the highest taxed state in America. Over the last five years, 60% of all job creation came from the state government. I’ll give you a second to think about this. When the government creates all the jobs, the investors in the government, you and me, have higher payrolls.

How long can this last? It’s comes to point where you are paying your own salary or the money runs out and the government has no choice but to have massive layoffs.

What happens when there are no more roads to fix? What happens when there are no more schools that can be turned green?

By then, new industries will have opened.

Are the people that are going to lose those manual jobs qualified for the new jobs that will be available? Just think about the workers at the Auto Plants. Most have family history in Ford or GM. Their mother and father worked there and they are continuing on the tradition. All fine and good.

But what happens when that company fails? The mother and father loses their pension and you lose your job. Now, your stuck with the feeling, ‘what am I going to do next, all I know is cars.’

Are we going to be left with the next generation knowing only manual labor because those are the jobs the government provides?

That should scare the hell out of you. Thinking the government is responsible for providing you with the ability to provide for your family. I’m scared thinking my daughter won’t be able to buy a house because I want to stay in mine right now.

To add insult to injury, think about all the corruption we are hearing about right now. I bet the politicians are all getting their phones checked for wire tapping before the bill is signed. You know that there are people waiting to pay to play with this money. And it only makes sense.

There are thousands of counties in this country. Who will get what money? I’m betting it won’t go to neighborhoods that didn’t raise money for the politician sitting in power. They have people to reward for getting them elected and they will be at the head of the line. We don’t even think of this as corruption anymore. And that’s a shame.

So this Trillion Dollar stimulus will provide the American People with much needed infrastructure improvement, massive debt, numerous temporary jobs, happy politicians, even happier lobbyist, and the death of the American Dream.

One day when our children ask was it worth it, what will we say?

When Is It O.K. To Be A Racist?

November 9th, 2008 | By

I wanted to stay in and play Gears of War 2 all weekend but I’m a mother and it doesn’t work like that. Yesterday I had to go out and run the normal errands.

I was in the Grocery Store and there was a black woman and a white woman walking down the isle. As I was looking through my coupons, I overheard their conversation. They were laughing that white people had been taken down a peg or two when Obama won the Presidency.

I thought to myself, damn this white girl must really want to fit in. She was white and allowed her black friend to openly express bigotry.

When is it O.K. to be a racist? Here are a couple scenario’s, tell me which one’s are acceptable.

  1. It’s a black neighborhood. The corner boys are posted up when a white man rolls through. After realizing he was not there to score, the corner boys tell the white man; “You are in the wrong neighborhood”. They beat the crap out of the white man. Is this fair?
  2. It’s a white neighborhood. The skin heads are skateboarding down the street when a black man rolls through. After realizing he drove a better car than their parents, they tell the black man; “You are in the wrong neighborhood. The beat the crap out of the black man. Is this fair?
  3. Two black people are talking. One says, “This whitey at my job is really nice”. The other says, “No cracker is any good”. Not wanting to argue, the first agreed. Is this not bigotry?
  4. Two white people are talking. One says, “This nigger at my job is really nice”. The other says, “No monkey is any good”. Not wanting to argue, the first agreed. Is this not bigotry?
  5. A white man and black woman are walking down the street. They pass a group of black men that start making comments about the couple. They question why the fine black woman would choose a cracker. The white man just ignores them and pulls his girl in closer. Do you blame her?
  6. A black man and white woman are walking down the street. They pass a group of white men that start making comments about the couple. They question why the white woman wants to mingle with a porch monkey. The black man just ignores them and pulls his girl closer. Do you blame her?
  7. It’s a black family reunion. Over the years, some of the black men and woman have chose white men and women to share their lives. The older adults don’t understand this. They still have pent up frustration over marching in the 60’s and fighting in the 70’s. How dare you bring a cracker to my home?
  8. It’s a white family reunion. Over the years, some the white men and women have chose black men and women to share their lives. The older adults don’t understand this. They remember a time when it was a blessing to be white. They remember how the government bent to the will of the black people. How dare you bring a nigger to my home?
  9. A black person that voted for John McCain is a field jockey. They are nothing more than puppets used to dance for master. They do research to try to justify picking the white man. Who cares what each believes. Vote on color.
  10. A white person that voted for Barack Obama is a nigger lover. They are scared to stand up and fight for white rights. They just don’t want to be called what they really are, racist. Who cares what each believes. Vote on color.
  11. A white cop pulls over a black man. He warns the man that his back tail light is out and let’s him go. The black man goes back to his friends and the first thing he says, “Damn crackers always fucking with a nigger.”
  12. A white cop pulls over a black man. He warns the man that his back tail light is out and let’s him go. The white cop goes back to the other cops and is asked why he didn’t give that nigger a ticket. The white cop says, “it was only a broken tail light”. The other cops said, “So what, niggers would kill you given the chance.
  13. A black man refuses to go to a job interview because he believes no white person would give him a job.
  14. A white man refuses to give a black man a job because he believes all black men are lazy.

Are you starting to get the point?

Race doesn’t matter to me. In no shape, form, or fashion. I have five brothers. One is married to a white woman and they have 2 kids. One has two mixed kids with another on the way. One doesn’t care what color a girl is as long as they are fly. The other two love black women. And I love them all.

About ten years ago, I moved in with my Aunt. My best friend at the time was a white girl. I asked if my friend could visit and my Aunt said yes. When she found out she was white, she told me she had to go home. I was shocked. I didn’t know she even harbored feelings like that, especially since she shares her home with her husbands’ three mixed kids. And thanksgiving is going to be interesting because her son just had a mixed child. Will the baby be allowed, even though the mother is rejected?

The whole point is there is no excuse for racism. If you want to judge me for not caring about the color of a man’s skin, then judge on. But please do not complain when there are people just like you on the other side. Think about it like this; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Don’t expect racism to cease while you still perpetrate it.

So for those who call me names because I look at policy not color, I waiting for you to come to your senses. For those who hate me because I’m black, hate on. For those who don’t consider themselves racist, stop using the words that show different. Let go of your racism and then we can throw stones because we don’t live in a glass house.

Bringing Politics to the Streets: Would You Trust Obama?

November 1st, 2008 | By

Barack Obama is a master politician. I will give him every bit of credit he rightfully deserves. He has managed to string together a campaign with no actual question on the man himself. I don’t know if any other politician in our history could have accomplished this, at least not after the invent of Radio, Television, and the Internet.

I watched Bill O’Reily last night before my Radio Show (Check it out if you haven’t). He made a really interesting comment. “I haven’t been able to find a single media person that knows Barack Obama.” O’Reily seems to think the only person who really knows Barack Obama is Michelle Obama. With that, I give Michelle Obama kudos.

But that leaves the rest of us to try and figure out the character of this man, possibly the next President of the United States of America.

I want to make a special request of my readers today. Today I want you to make sure you bring your street smarts with you. Don’t leave them at the door. Take the lessons you have learned in your lifetime and apply them to what I’m about to say. Oh Yeah, In this comparison, I’m only using examples.

You are on your block and a new guy shows up. No one knows who he is or where he came from. No one will personally vouch for him, even though they swoon over his clothes or his car. Would you invite him into your inner circle?

Then he sends out a text message and tells everyone in the neighborhood, I need you to make people believe I fit in. See, it’s hard for me to even continue with this because I know your block would start to talk. I know the red flag would start to go up and this man would not be accepted.

But let me continue. Your cousin from a different block comes and says, Hey I know that guy. He was friends with the guy that snitched on Big Tony. Would you allow him to stay in your inner circle? (I don’t believe in not snitching. If you see a child murdered in front of your eyes and you don’t speak up, you are just as culpable as the one that pulled the trigger)

If that wasn’t enough, your girl comes to you and says, Hey I know that guy. He protested with us about Hoopers. You know that store that was hiking up all the prices on eggs, milk and bread. Then he turned around and made a deal to get reduced prices for his friends store, while the neighborhood still had to deal with the high prices at Hoopers. Would he still be in your inner circle?

You and the new dude are riding around in his car. You get pulled over and the cop walks to the car, sees who it is and says he’s going to let you go. You sit and think to yourself, if it were me, I would be laying on the ground while my car was being searched. Would you start to question this guy?

So, now the new guy feels comfortable enough, he decides to move into the neighborhood. Your entire neighborhood is fighting against the owner because they refuse to fix any problems. Your heat doesn’t work, your water comes out black, and the roaches won’t quit. He goes to this man and all of a sudden he gets the best house on the block and then they condemn the land behind it, giving him more property. Are the questions about this man beginning to pile up?

One of this Guys’ closest friends moves into the neighborhood shortly after he does. His friend starts a campaign to shut down public housing and build new houses, no matter the cost. Everyone in the neighborhood says, wait, you are going to far. We don’t want our entire neighborhood destroyed, we just want some improvements to be made. But his friend will not budge. So, the new guys tells everyone, I no longer like this guy because he wants to tear down this neighborhood. If he was your friend before this, why are you so quick to cut him off and what does that say you will do to me if I have an unpopular opinion. Would you really trust a friend like that?

News Alert flash on Television, Radio, and word of mouth. A guy blows up the local radio station claiming they don’t play enough Jay Z songs on air. He had planned to set the fuse when the building was empty but there were still 5 people inside. No one was hurt. The guy that blows up the building is the same guy that helped the new guy move into his new house. So everyone wants to talk to the new guy to find out about the guy that blew up the radio station. The new guy says, he just helped me move, I don’t know him personally. Then comes the next new flash, an old commercial where the new guy was advertising for the bomber. On top of that, you find out the new guy also worked at the company with the bomber. They even worked together on moving certain houses. Would you call this guy a liar?

The new guy does make a new friend in the neighborhood. The only problem with that, it’s the guy that everyone in the neighborhood already calls a sell out. Nobody likes this guy because he doesn’t stick to the politics of the street. He goes out and supports the people who supposedly systematically destroys the image of what a black man should be. Does this man vouching for the new guy make you change your mind?

The new guy decides he’s going to get married. So all the women in the neighborhood rush to meet the new women. She tells all the females, you are all mean and give me no reason to be a proud black woman. You know that woman would get stumped out fast. I’ll show you how mean we are. And when she tried to restructure the sentence, she wouldn’t have a chance because no one would give a damn about what she had to say. Do you limit your time around certain dudes because their girlfriends are stuck up?

How much more do you need? One more, O.K. here it goes. There is a group of both white and black people who hate interracial people. If you are black, your fine. If you are white, your fine. But if you are a mixture of the two, you are a disgrace. The leader of this group is a personal friend of the new guy. He often praises his efforts, even allows him to baby sit his kids. When the mixed people stand up and say, wait, why would you support someone that blatantly points hate in our direction? The new guy says, there are more important issues at hand than how you feel. Would that be enough to break the camel’s back, so to speak.

The Point

If this were any other man, except Barack Obama, you would have serious reservations about him. F that. You would not give him the time of day. He would not be invited to your home because you wouldn’t trust why he wanted to be there. He would not be invited into your community because you know he doesn’t really care about that community, only what he can get out of it. You would not vouch for him with the people you know because you know that if something goes wrong, all eyes will point back at you.

Why would you forget everything you’ve learned to advance someone else? Instead, why not forget all the reasons they say you can’t make it and make some advances for yourself?

Now, let me fill in the blanks on some of the examples from above. I’ll try to stay in order, so you can get the reference.

The streets are always talking and when the New Guy, Barack Obama, shows up, it’s no exception. The only difference is you look at his color and placement and you want to cheer for him. When on the streets, you make a man prove his worth and when he fails to do so, he is ostracized. We all know that trust should not be easily given. Why forget that when going to the polls?

If a man went to the biggest drug dealers on the block and said, I want take your influence to let everyone know I fit in. The dealers would laugh at him. You don’t get to come up in here and ride my coat tails with out me benefitting. They might respect the fact that he was willing to lay all his cards on the table in the approach. But best believe, they won’t increase someone else’s popularity without knowing if that person intended on taking the dealers position. So the new guy ends up oweing the dealers for his success.

Barack Obama in a nutshell. He wrote in ‘Dreams of my Father’, to paraphrase, I picked my friends so I wouldn’t seem like a sell out. He picked Rev. Wright, Rev. Fleager, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, and Rashid Khalidi so you wouldn’t think he was a sell out. What does that say about what he thinks of you? He picked the most radical people he could associate himself with because he thought you would approve.

Do you approve? Would you still approve in the drug dealer scenario? If he thought to win your hearts and minds all he had to do was win over the drug dealers. Would you advise him to carry on? If that answer is yes, what are you saying about black people?

The Barack Obama campaign has done a wonderful job in telling you associations don’t matter. But you know better than to believe that. If you associate with drug dealers on the street, the police pay more attention to you. If you associate with gangs, rival gangs will target you. If you associate with the church, you are holier than thou, you know what I mean. Associations do matter. If you want to find the character of a man, seek out the people he surrounds himself with.

Campaign Finance- Barack Obama was on the side of public finance. Meaning, each candidate has the same amount of money, giving each an equal opportunity in the election. So while he complains about people having to much money, he decides he wants to be one of those people. Instead of a level playing field, he chose to out raise and out spend. Think about that when you praise how much money this man is making. McCain took public financing.

The Media- The media is supposed to be the force pushing fairness. It’s purpose is to inform the American people of everything that is going on, not just the news that supports a candidate they favor. So when that police officer pulls over the new guy but let’s him go with no question. How does that make you feel. Knowing damn well they would paste your face all over the news for something you have done. Are you questioning why Barack Obama is the only black man that goes unopposed by the media?

Tony Rezko- Barack Obama’s comrad in Chicago. He is now a convicted felon. So while Barack Obama is a community organizer, he is also getting benefiting from a slum lord. Rezko found Barack Obama land to purchase under market value and then bought the adjacent lot so it couldn’t be built on, thus increasing the property value of Obama’s home. Think about that. He’s benefiting from the same person that would refuse to fix your plumbing, heating, or insect problem. Where are the questions? I forgot to mention that Obama actually spoke up for Rezko.

Rev. Wright- O.K., you sit in a church for 20 years with a pastor that married you and baptized your two children. You tell the world he is your spiritual advisor and how he helped shape the man you have become. When the public catches wind of what that pastor may have actually taught you and cause an uproar, you act as though you just met the man. Come on people. Rev. Wright was a hero until the American people questioned him. Barack Obama cuts him off and the masses follow suit. When Rev. Wright openly says Barack Obama is doing nothing more than playing politics, everyone magically starts to blame Wright. What makes you think he wouldn’t throw you under the bus if it suits him? We want to blame white people for slavery, even though it was black people that sold us to the slave traders.

Bill Ayers- An unrepentant terrorist who still hates America. He didn’t bomb building abroad. He bombed the Pentagon, police stations in New York, and several members of his group killed themselves trying to make more bombs. Barack Obama writes a blurb in his book. Then he says, they are trying to scare you about me. Hell, yeah. I’m scared. Not because you associate with Ayers but because you continuously lie about it. “He was just a guy in my neighborhood.” Why not mention with your own mouth, I also sat on a board with him. Why make the public have to seek out the information, unless you have something to hide. If someone you just met forgets to tell you he’s friends with someone that he knows doesn’t like you, how long would that person be your friend?

Colin Powell- I have nothing but respect for Colin Powell. I’ve used him for years as example of what could happen to a black man that joins the military. Most black people called him a sellout. That was before he chose to support Obama. I can remember all the conversations where people totally bashed Powell. Now, he is the example. Now he is throw out every second by the Obama campaign. Why is Powell now a hero. If you didn’t like him before, why are you cheering for him now. Do you think he may have picked the candidate that would make him appear less of a sell out? (I really don’t want to question Powell’s endorsement. He has every right to make any decision he chooses. And I will continue to hold him in high esteem.)

Michelle Obama- I do love the attitude of this woman. As a black woman, she sets a wonderful example. Anyone that finds a man, love that man, and have that man love you back they way her and Obama do, it’s wonderful. I hope all the women reading this learn that lesson. Find that one that makes you complete. But I do have beef with her. “Americans are down right mean.” “This is the first time I’ve been proud of my country.” And you wonder why they pulled her off the campaign trail. If she would’ve continued to show her personality instead of becoming a talking point specialist, I would’ve added her to this list. Would you trust a dude’s girl you know doesn’t like you but pretends she does? Or could you respect her for telling you the truth because you at least know where she’s coming from? Because that’s me.

Rashid Khalidi- Former member of the PLO. There are even pictures of him throwing rocks into Israel. Now Hamas and Iran have endorsed Obama and he’s friends with Khalidi. I fear for Israel. I don’t understand why they don’t have the right to be a peaceful country. Every country won land in War. If we allow Israel to lose it’s sovereignty what right would we have to keep Texas or California. What’s even funnier, Obama is dominating the Jewish Vote. I just don’t understand.

I know I’m getting long winded, so I’m going to stop. I ljust really want people to take a look at the only source you have to judge the character of Barack Obama, his associations. Yes, he can give one hell of a speech but is that really enough for you?

What’s So Wrong With Socialism

October 28th, 2008 | By

The Story

There was a girl that lived with her mother. She had never been on her own and liked the comfort of being taken care of. Her mother made a good living, so providing her daughter with the basics was no big problem.

One morning the mother got up and made breakfast for her and her daughter. The daughter came in and asked her mother if she could have some money to buy a new outfit for upcoming job interview. The mother said, No. I had to pay the rent, the electric, and other bills, I don’t have the money.

The daughter was upset but she let it pass. Later that day, one of the daughter’s friends showed up at the house. Her mother did not like the friend, so she told her she wasn’t allowed to come in. So the friend called on the phone. The mother answered and told her not to call again.

The daughter was so upset, she went into her room and slammed the door. The mother came in behind her and told her that there were to be no closed doors in this house. The daughter got upset and told her mother that she was going to move out.

The mother freaked at the thought that her daughter would move. So she reached into her pocket and gave the daughter money to buy a new outfit for her interview. The daughter was relieved. She and her mother had come to an understanding and she no longer felt like she needed her own space.

Her mother gave her want she wanted, not what she needed.

The Story

There was once this woman that lived in the Ghetto. She had dreams of opening her own community center to help her neighborhood. She had seen promises made and broken and felt it was time for a center that could not be underfunded or closed due to budget shortfalls.

She worked as a nurse for the last 10 years, saving and investing her money to get to the sum she needed. When she finally hit her target, she was super excited. She began working on the plans for the center. She decided to run the idea by her local officials to get some publicity for her project.

She was stunned to hear her local politician say, You have saved to much money. Instead of building a community center, I want to take the money you have saved and give it to the people in your community. What good is a community center if the people are suffering?

The woman planned on giving financial advice, not financial assistance. The woman planned on giving her time and heart, not her money. The woman had dreamed of leaving a legacy, not helping a politician win re-election off her years of scrapping by.

The officials took her dream and made it impossible.

The story

There was a man who was brought up around money. His father knew how to make it and his mother knew how to spend it. His father would say, Money doesn’t grow on trees. His mother would say, You can’t take it with you. He adopted some principles from both.

So when he got the money and the power, he knew he had to invest in his father’s company to keep it strong. He also knew he had to spend some money too, so like his mom, he wanted to give lots of money to charity.

When tax time rolled around, the man was hit with hard reality. He could save the jobs of his employees and not invest in new equipment or projects, or he could lay people off and divert money towards mandated healthcare. With either option, he would no longer be able to donate to charity.

All the promises he had made to different organizations would have to be taken back. He was heart broken. What was the point of having all this money, if he couldn’t decide how he wanted to spend it.

The system took the lessons taught by the man’s parents and discounted them.

The Last Story

There are three roommates living in an apartment. One was a full time student with a full time job. One was a full time student with money from his parents to pay for living. The other was a part time student with no job and no money.

Every month when rent time came, the part time student would give excuses as to why he couldn’t pay his portion of the rent. After the third month, the other two roommates finally spoke up. The part time student made promises to find a job, but they often found him in front of the video game.

They were through. They went to the rental office and told the people, we need to get this man’s name off the lease and out of our house. The renter asked why. The men told him that he wasn’t paying his share of the rent and was making no attempt to get a job.

The renter said, the rent has been paid on time, so I don’t understand why you are complaining. The full time student with family money said, I brought the furniture, the T.V., and my mom sends us all the other basics; toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, etc. Why should I have to pay his rent also? The full time student with the full time job said I work eight hours a day and spend another six at school. Why should he get to play the video game while I’m out slaving.

The renter said, you both have the means to carry this man. It’s your responsibility as Americans to share with him. Both men were furious.

They were working to better themselves but had to carry someone else’s burden on top of their own.

The Point

Socialism sounds great if you are on the bottom or in political power. If you aren’t doing anything to better yourself, then you welcome someone giving you something. If you control the power, you relish the fact that you can keep a person’s vote by giving a little at a time.

But what happens to those who want it for themselves? The funny part is we all claim to want it for ourselves. We want to own a house but we don’t want to save. (If you save your money, then I’m not talking to you.) But the truth is you know the people I’m talking about.

You get up everyday to go to work, they don’t, but they have better clothes than you. You save for a vacation but end up having to spend that money to get your car fixed, damn transmission. They take two or three vacations to local beaches. You cut coupons and bargain shop and they come over and eat all your food.

You don’t mind, though. That’s why they keep coming. They spend their money at the club on Saturday night because they know they can eat Sunday dinner at your house. And that’s cool. But what happens when the government tells you that Sunday dinner is mandatory and you also have to feed this person and that person too. What happens to your Sunday dinner?

What if someone doesn’t like meat? Do you have to fix a vegetarian dish for them? What if someone doesn’t like Iced Tea? Do you have to check with them on which drink they would like? What if someone didn’t like the color of your dining room? Do you have to change the color?

See, it’s fine when it’s your idea but when someone else tells you how to run it, things change. It no longer is, You will eat what I cook. It becomes what does the government want me to cook. You no longer search the internet for new recipes. You don’t experiment with new ingredients. You stick with what is approved.

Now you might say, Not in my house. I run my house. Well guess what? You also have the power to run your government. Everyone complains that the government is corrupt and does nothing but cause more problems. I wonder how the answer to that problem could be more government.

They messed up Wall Street, now you want to trust them with health care. They destroyed company accountability, now you want to make them accountable for your child’s education. We have the most hated Congress in history, now you want to give them control of government spending. How will this help any of our problems?

A personal issue I have is this; What does that say about you? It pisses me off to think that a politician in government could tell me my worth. You see, just because I don’t make $250,000 a year now, I need help. The truth, this debacle on wall street and the high cost of gas caused me to re-evaluate my spending. Last year, my daughter had four pair of name brand shoes. Now she has one and three pair of no name shoes. What’s even funnier, she likes the no name shoes better.

I can understand the mantra on change going around. Things haven’t been working in the last eight years, so we have to make a change. The truth is, things crashed in the last two years. President Bush won re-election even though we were in an unpopular war. Why? Because the economy was good. Housing sales were up, unemployment was down, and America was in great shape.

No one was concerned about what would happen next. We were all just living in the moment. Buying $600 iphones like we needed them to breathe. Moving into $500,000 houses because that was the American dream. Finding the biggest, gas guzzling SUV because it sent the message of success.

Then all of a sudden life caught up with us and we start looking for someone to blame. I blame myself for constantly wanting to get my hair done, even though I know how to do it myself. I blame myself for hiring someone to cut my grass, when it would only take me and hour or so to do myself. I blame myself for thinking my three year old really cared about the Nike swoosh on her shoes. And I don’t expect someone with money to pay for the mistakes I’ve made.

I believe that the lesson’s I’ve learned will get me to the $250,000 mark and beyond. I know that trivial things like clothes that fade with the next fashion trend are not a good investment, unless I own stock in the company. I know that a car’s purpose is to get you from point A to point B and it doesn’t matter who says, “That’s my car”, when I roll down the street. I know that governments make promises that never materialize, So it’s better if I do it for myself.

That’s how I want my worth determined. What I’ve done through my own sacrifice, not what someone else gave me. I told my daughter the other day, there will come a time when she has to realize that when someone gives you something, they often want something in return. I told her to remember that everything that shines is not gold and when things seem to easy, there is usually a problem.

She told me, “So if I get it myself, no one can take it away.” I told her, Yes, but I felt this pit in the center of my core. I’m trying to teach my daughter self reliance, when she is surrounded by people with their hands out. I don’t want to teach my daughter, You work to pay the government. I want to teach her to work hard and give back. As Jay-Z said, I can’t help the poor, if I’m one of them. I got rich and gave back, to me that’s the win win.

And that sounds wonderful, just like Sunday dinner, but what happens when the government tells you how to give back? When they are paying for Bear research and your community has poor or no health care clinics. When they are paying for wooden arrows and your community has no jobs. When they are paying to keep financial institutions from falling when your community fell years ago.

They say, I’m going to take from the rich and give to the poor. What the hell is $500 going to do to help you? Seriously. You can’t even pay mortgage for a month with that money. Wouldn’t it be better spent if it stayed in the hands of your employeer who could then hire more people, maybe even give you a raise or promotion. Or maybe it could stay in the hands of the people that donate Millions every year to building community centers or finding a cure for AIDS.

And yet again, what does that say about you? You work hard but life gets in the way, you should be taken care of. Where will you get your lessons of survival? Or are you like the daughter in the first story, willing to take any little thing that puts off dealing with a major issue. Or are you like the politician in the second story that thinks you can spend money better than the person that earned it? Or are you like the tax man in the third story, that doesn’t think a business owner can make responsible decisions? Or are you like the renter in the fourth story that thinks as long as things get done, it doesn’t matter who makes the sacrifice?

Oh yeah, one thing I forgot. What happens when the government decides that you have gotten a break for to long? What happens when the margain for being rich is pushed down to $125,000? What happens when you graduate college, get a great job, and then have to turn around and pay for someone else to go to college before you finish paying off your tuition debt? How then do you save for a home or for your retirement?

If you think that spreading the wealth helps everybody, just look at the people around you. How many of them will do the right thing with money they recieve? And don’t lie to yourself, you know the people around you. And if you are one of the people who doesn’t see anything wrong with the spending habits of those around you, you are probably the example your friends and family are looking at.

P.S. If you think the guy in the last story will actually get a job, write to me. I want to hear why you think that man will get a job when he still has a place to live without one!

A Story From My Trip

October 27th, 2008 | By

I must apologize for my absence. I was dealing with some personal issues but now I’m back. I got a great story for you though.

I was visiting my peeps and my baby cousin was arguing with her baby daddy. They aren’t officially a couple but they are always together. Anyways, she was telling him that she needed some diapers for their daughter. He was telling her that he didn’t have any money.

I’ve never met the dude, so I didn’t really pay attention to the conversation. Come to find out the hard times are really hitting the streets. The drug dealers are being affected by the the economy. I lie to you not. My baby cousins dude isn’t selling crack like he used too.

Me, being who I am, told her to get him to come to the house. Two cars pull up. One was a Chrysler cop car with shiny rims painted bright orange. I lie to you not. Bright fucking orange. The other was a brand new 2008 Tahoe Hybrid.

Her baby daddy hopped out the bright orange car, switched keys with the driver of the Hybrid, and pulled all his chains from under his shirt. Now my cousin is trying to find a job but she doesn’t have a car. This dude has three cars and won’t let her use one to find a job. He lives in a nice neighborhood and she lives with family. He is dressed head to toe in name brands but so is my baby cousin.

He walks up and throws $20 dollars at my cousin, who immediately bent down and picked it up. Then she started smiling and being nice to the dude. She was cussing him out an hour earlier. Now she was blushing like it was her first crush. I got sick.

So then another car pulls up in front of the house and I got a blast from my past. My biggest crush that never materialized was standing in front of my face. Let’s call him, G. Damn, he looked good. He rushed to hug me and I let him. I felt like I was 16 again.

Anyways, turns out G and the baby daddy are cousins, small world. Then G told me something so interesting. He told my cousin not to fuck with his cousin because men like them were no good. I didn’t think it was possible to lose so much respect for a person so fast.

Let me tell you G’s explanation, this is what pisses me off about alot of black men that I meet. He said it isn’t anyone’s fault that he is still a drug dealer. It’s his choice and he knows were he is going to end up but that won’t ever stop him. There were six of us back then, always together no matter what. Three of us have jobs and lives that no longer involve drugs. One is in Jail. One is dead for trying to shot back at the police officers trying to arrest him. And then there’s G.

G informed me that he was proud of me for changing my life. He said he knew I had it in me. When I told him he had it in him too, he said “I know”. When I tried to press the issue, he said “I’m always going to be me”. And that was it. End of discussion.

We momentarily talked about our kids and our families but I immediately realized how much I had changed. The trivial talk that once sustained me no longer was enough. We said our Goodbyes and they left.

A few minutes later, my baby cousin gave me her phone. G said he wanted to catch up with me some more and asked if he could come back over after he finished some business. I told him, No. My cousin lost her damn mind.

“Do you know how much money he has?”

I wanted to slap her. Good thing the rest of my family jumped on her because I was in a foul mood. Before I left, I pulled my cousin aside and kept it short and sweet. “If you keep worrying about what that man is doing you will never have time to focus on what you can do.” She didn’t want to hear it and I was tired of talking to her.

Then I found out how to get her attention. My daughter asked her to walk out to the car with us and she did. Guess who was waiting in the front yard, her baby daddy with a 89 Nissan Sentra just like I used to have. Now she would have transportation to find her a job.

Before I could pull out the yard, she ran to me with her phone. It was G. Seems he had a little conversation with her baby daddy. The fucked up thing is, he told him that with money being slow he should want his baby mama to have a job so she won’t ask him for money all the time. That’s the only reason he decided to get her a car.

Our conversation didn’t stop there but the rest is rather personal, so I won’t share. Let’s just say there is still a drug dealer I used to know back in Richmond. And one day, some one is going to tell me he is dead or in jail. He knows it and I know it. But until then he will continue to destroy the lives of the people that come in contact with him. For the first time in years, I’m glad I’m no longer 16.

My baby cousin took that $20 that was supposed to be for her daughter and went out with her friends. My Aunt had to end up buying diapers for her daughter. I doubt my aunt will even bring it up the her. And I’m sure she’ll be back to arguing about the needs of a child she doesn’t even take care of.

And me. Left to wonder what can you do to make the streets not sound so sweet. How can you connect with kids that could go to college but would rather hold down a corner? How do you reach daughters that see the struggles of their mother’s and still have babies way to early? How do you convince life long friends you talk to them because you know they hold more inside?

More than that. How can you reach the one’s that know they are wrong and continue on? How can you look into their mother’s eyes at a funeral and not shed a tear? What kind of heart does that take?

From personal experience, I know that takes a heart that is afraid to cry. But not only that, it takes a total understanding of knowing they knew it would end that way and they did it. Not looking back blaming the police or the rival, but a glimpse back at who that person was. It makes it alot easier not to cry.

Is that what we’ve become. Communities with an inability to cry. Yes, we can yell and scream but can we heal? Yes, we can blame and point fingers but can we uplift? Yes, we can mourn but can we also remember? Or are we afraid? Are we scared what the people around us would think if we were the first to shed a tear?

I wonder how long these questions will go unanswered.

Does Your Vote Have A Price?

October 14th, 2008 | By

Does the 15th amendment come with a price tags attached?   I’m starting to wonder.  This isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue.  This is an American Issue.  We are all given the right to vote, if we don’t take advantage of that right, should we be paid to do so?

I’ve started to talk to my friends more about politics in the last few weeks.  I usually leave the subject alone because they don’t really pay attention to the news.  When I throw the facts at them, they tell me I’m getting my information from the wrong places.  So I ask, where do you get your information?  They say, Ted from my job said.  And I stop them right there.

I got into this heated debate with my “life coach”, the person I talk to about personal stuff, and she said it’s about time the Government paid her for a change.  Now I know she is in the 40% of Americans that don’t pay any Federal Income Tax.  When I bought that up to her, she said I shouldn’t have to pay any taxes.

I could tell you the rest but I bet you can guess where this headed.  So now I asking, How much does your vote cost?

Most people think I’m talking about money.  That’s only half the equation.  Are you putting a price tag on your skin color?  There are black people that are voting for Obama just because he’s black and there are white people that are voting for McCain just because Obama is black.  And neither is right.  They are both putting a value on a non issue.

But that’s not the real issue at hand.  The major issue should be, If you have the right to vote, why do groups like Acorn even need to exist.  My “life coach” says, Most black people don’t think their vote counts and therefore they won’t vote.  What was the purpose of the 15th amendment?  What was the purpose of all the civil rights marches in the deep south?

People died so that black votes would count.  Not just black people, white people too.  Your vote counts.  And if you don’t believe that, Acorn has a cigarette and a dollar to prove it does.  Is that what your right is worth?

If it is, you shouldn’t be able to vote.  That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.  I can respect you voting because you think a candidate will lower your taxes but if you don’t pay taxes I don’t understand how you could use that as a reason to vote for any candidate.  Let me explain.

When Barack Obama says he’ll cut taxes on 95% of Americans, it’s a lie.  I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings but it’s the truth.  40% of Americans don’t pay taxes, so how will they receive tax cuts.  He changes the words so he doesn’t have to say I’m creating a welfare state.  Where I’ll take money from the Rich that pay taxes and send a check to those who don’t.

My husband to be wanted to vote for Obama.  And I have had a hard time trying to explain why that wouldn’t be a good thing.  Luckily Obama did it for me.  At a campaign stop, Obama was asked by a small business owner if he was going to have to pay more taxes.  Obama responded by saying he is trying to spread around the wealth.

Finally my man got mad.  He works 6 days a week and the thought of free checks for those who refuse to work made him mad.  He finally got it, with no assistance from me.   Obama will create a government where the top pays for the bottom.  It sounds good, unless you plan on getting to the top in this life time.

Now McCain isn’t free from criticism on this issue either.  He had the perfect opportunity to put his money, I mean the American People’s money, where his mouth is and he didn’t.  McCain should have voted against the Bailout but he didn’t.  He too attached a price tag to your vote.  He doesn’t plan on making a welfare state, but he still let the government, wall street, and the American People who signed on the dotted line off the hook for this crisis we are currently in.

Are these two candidates really the best America has to offer?  Or do we as Americans like the Quid Pro Qou of politics?  If you vote for me, I’ll give you this.  Should we change our standards and make the candidates run on policy not on profit for ourselves.   Should we limit emotion and vote more practical.

If you don’t believe in Abortions, then why would you vote for Obama.  Is it because you think you’ll no longer have to pay for healthcare?  If you don’t believe in War, then why would you vote for McCain?  Is it because you make over $250,000 and believe Obama tax increases would cause you to lose your home.    That’s what our politics have come down too.  What’s best for me, not what’s best for the country.

And if that’s the truth, then you can’t blame the politicians for not listening when we speak out.  Well you can blame them but it’s not fair.  They are only doing what you respond too.  If you said we don’t want any new spending and any candidate that offers more government spending will feel the wrath of American voters, how would that change the landscape of Politics?

What could a Politican promise if the American people wanted facts instead of fairy tales.  If you believe any candidate that says I’ll fix all the problems in America, then you are a fool.  Problems will continue to exist no matter who is President.  We can’t control actions other nations.  Hell we can’t control actions of the American People.  And being that we all are human, mistakes will me made.

So instead of asking who will give you more, ask who will make an effort to not create more problems. If you are pissed off that the government is now into banking, imagine what will happen if they get their hands on Healthcare, College Tuition, or any thing else in the private sector.  Does government intervention help anything?

Pay attention when they put the price tags on your rights.  When they figure out they can pay for your vote, then they don’t have to run on policy.  They can run on your emotion.  They can use fancy words or straight talk without mentioning how they actually plan on running this country.  And this is up to us as the American People to stop.  But it’ll only happen when we put our Country’s needs before those of our individual needs.

The truth is, betting on America as a country, is way better than voting for any single politician.  Then your vote will be priceless.

A Different View for Whoopi Goldberg

October 8th, 2008 | By

Elizabeth Hasslebeck catches a lot of grief for telling her views on The View. I won’t pretend I watch the show. I never have. If you know anything about me, you know that’s not how I roll. But if I ever had the chance to go on the view, it would go a little like this.

First off, I want to thank you, Whoopi. Since I was a little girl, I looked up to you. I watched your movies like a religion when I was young and they are still ranked high on my list of best movies ever. Of course, Color Purple is my all time favorite. I’ve watched it 4 to 5 times a year, sometimes more, for the last 15 years.

Celie inspired me to pray harder; God doesn’t take you through the bad stuff without a plan. Celie inspired me to want to teach myself; I was living with my dad and and evil step mother, I didn’t get much encouragement. Celie and Nettie’s relationship made me want to stay close to my sister; which is funny because we watch it on those days we have nothing to do and we still do the hand slaps every time. And you, Whoopi Goldberg, gave me inspiration that one day I could make my dreams come true.

One day I was sitting around with one of my older brothers and I said ‘I think Whoopi Goldberg is beautiful’. Oh, he laughed and laughed and I got mad. See, he didn’t think you fit into what was beautiful. I saw this black woman doing it by not trying to fit in, but by trying to stand out. I own Sarafina, Jumpin Jack Flash, Fatal Beauty, Corrina Corrina, Made in America, Sister Act 1 & 2, Clara’s Heart, Ghost of Mississippi, hell I even watch “Call Me Claus” every year.

That’s why I’m so pissed off at you. I don’t think you understand the power you have over young women’s lives. Because I know that there are women like me that can’t wait until their daughters get old enough to watch and understand ‘The Color Purple’. You could be spread a message to all women that we can make it.

Prior to this show, I did a little research into your career. And I noticed something I normally don’t pay attention to. You are one hell of an accomplished woman. One of only a few to win an Oscar, a Tony, an Emmy, and a Grammy. I don’t pay attention to stuff like that because I think so many movie roles go unnoticed on Award Shows. But hell, you rack them up. And reading that only made you more of an inspiration to me.

I know how to separate the lessons from the people. Because right now, I agree with my brother, you are one hell of an ugly woman. To see you trying to fit in makes me want to vomit. O.K. maybe I’m being a little melodramatic. It sure makes me want to curse.

It makes me want to say things like. How in the hell can you sit here and tell me that there are not opportunities for me now, when your ass started acting 20 something years ago. You trying to tell me that times are worse now than they were then. Bullshit.

Right about now, probably a lot earlier, one of the white co-host would make a comment. To which I would respond. “You’re a Racist. I’m trying to talk to my black sister and you want to bring me down. You must be a Racist.”

And then as everyone starts yelling the stupid shit I see in clips here and there, I would look at Elizabeth Hasslebeck and say “Chill out, I got this one. Enjoy.”

I’m going by the standard of God All Mighty Barack Obama. If anyone questions anything about him, they must be a racist or if black, a self hater. Oh wait. Does that only apply to the “Messiah”. So if you don’t want to hear the word “Nigga” out of Elizabeth’s mouth, then I don’t want to her shit out of Barbara’s or Joy’s. Or are you some how the only special one that can decide who can say what.

So Whoopi, As I was saying. You make me want to say things like. “How in the fuck could you have been the all time highest paid actress at one time and turn around and tell me the system is going to hold me down. Did the system breakdown after you became a Millionaire.” Or

The basic stereo type for a woman is Tall, Skinny, Straight Hair and you are none of those. Could it possibly be because your talent stood out. Are you trying to say I don’t have the talent you had to stand up and make them take notice? To over achieve my wildest dreams just like you did?

Or are you trying to tell me that once you make it to the top it’s just better to fit in? All you viewers out there understand that. She didn’t try to fit into what the world thought she should be. But she would not be denied. Her Talent would not be denied. So when she tells you, “The government is out to get all black people, question why they haven’t got her ass.” So when she asks if she’ll ever be a slave again, “Tell her ass she ain’t never been a slave before.”

But maybe because you’ve been such a inspiration to me, Ms. Goldberg, I’ll ask you this. “Would it kill you to look into that camera and tell every single black girl and boy, man and woman watching that no matter who becomes President, just look at me as inspiration that you can do it.?”

Can you look into that camera right there and tell the Viewer’s, “Your success depends on nothing but the work you put into it. There is no phantom in the night waiting to steal all your hopes and dreams. They are out there for the taking.”

Or explain to me Barack Obama, Jay-z, 50 cent, every black doctor, lawyer, judge, C.E.O., every small business owner; why can they do it, even when times are bad, and I can’t. We are everywhere now. And you should be using your position to let everyone know that. Instead you feed them crap to make them want to fit in. To make them want to use excuses I’m sure you never used when working your way up the ladder. Because excuses don’t get you anywhere. Action does. Tell that to the cameras.

How much did you have to sacrifice to make it? Tell them, so they can understand they are not the only one’s to have doors slammed in their faces. It’s only important that you keep on knocking. Tell them don’t try to fit in because then you don’t get noticed. Use your wit to explain what would have happened if you straighten your hair and tried to be the sexy vixen. Tell them what would have happened if you didn’t value your own opinion of yourself more than the opinions of others.

Instead you install fear. Fear to even try. What’s up with that?


Now I’d expect the fast, slick talking Whoopi to be ready with a response. I doubt very seriously she would sit there and take the words of a “Nobody” like me. But what does that tell you about how they think about you. All of the One’s that make it to Millionaire status and only tell one half of the story. They speak as though it’s impossible to make it in America, then you see them on cribs.

I’m not be a Millionaire, yet, so I can understand your hesitation to lock on to this. If you try to fit in with out being a Millionaire first, then you will go unnoticed. But if you go in with talent that can not be denied, if you go in and stand out, then any thing is possible. Don’t worry, when I get to the top, I’ll still be pushing the same message. It’ll just be a little more like, “Come with me. How can I help you get rich, too.”

And when the excuses come, I won’t validate them. Even if they happen to be true. Because it’s only a speed bump, it’s not the be all end all. Just get up. We got more knocking to do.

P.S. The only reason I put the link for The View on my page was to show the hypocrisy. I’ve seen the clips of how they treated John McCain in his interview. The they put the nice cozy picture on the front of their web page, with no pictures of Barack Obama. Yeah, like we’re buying that.

Just Because He’s Black

September 16th, 2008 | By

I got this in an email.

A white man asked his black friend, ‘Are you voting for Barack Obama just because he’s black?’

The black man responded by saying, ‘Why not? Hell, in this country men are pulled over everyday just cause they’re black; passed over for promotions just cause they’re black; considered to be criminals just cause they’re black; and there are going to be thousands of you who won’t be voting for him just because he’s black! However, you do not seem to have a problem with that! This country was built with the sweat and whip off the black slaves’ back, and now a descendent of those same
slaves has a chance to lead the same country, where we weren’t even considered to be people, where we weren’t allowed to be educated, drink from the same water fountains, eat in the same restaurants, or even vote. So yes! I’m going to vote for him! But it’s not just because he’s black, but because he is hope, he is change, and he now allows me to understand when my grandson says that he wants to be president when he grows up, it is not a fairy tale but a short term goal. He now sees, understands and knows that he can achieve, withstand and do ANYTHING just because he’s black!’

Let me rewrite this little story.

A black woman asked a black man, “Are you voting for Obama just because he’s black?”

The black man said, ‘No, I’m voting for Obama because I believe in his principles. The very country that once held me in no regard, has given me the right to vote on Principle. The men and women who died fighting for Black rights have null and voided my ability to be a follower. Now I get to cast my vote on what I believe and I believe the changes Barack Obama brings to the table, far out weigh the color of his skin. It’s about the improvement of All Americans and I will stand beside him for that reason. The same reason I voted for Clinton and I’m guessing the same reason most blacks voted for Kennedy. So it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s black. It has everything to do with where this country needs to go.

Now I don’t believe that story, but it would be better than the first. Of course I have to add my own little twist. Hope You Enjoy.

A black man asked Me, “Are you voting for Barack Obama just because he’s black?”

I said, “No, I would never vote for someone because of their skin color. ”

He said, “Why not? In this country men are pulled over everyday, just because they’re black; passed over for promotions, just because they’re black; and there are going to be thousands of white people that won’t vote for Obama just because he’s black! However you do not seem to have a problem with that. This country was built with the sweat and whip off the black slaves back and now the decendent of those same slaves has a chance to lead the same country, where we weren’t even considered to be people, where we weren’t allowed to be educated, drink from the same water fountains, eat in the same restaurants, or even vote. So Yes, I’m going to vote for him. But it’s not just because he’s black, but because he is hope, he is change, and he know allows me to understand when my grandson says he wants to be President when he grows up, it’s not a fairytale, but a short term goal. He know sees, understands, and knows that he can acheive, withstand, and do Anything just because he black.’

I said, “I’m sorry let me get this straight. If Barack Obama doesn’t win, does this mean your grandson will never become President? Are you teaching him, his whole world depends on the success of another person? Maybe I’m getting to literal, so let me rephrase. What black Presidential nominee did Barack Obama have to follow?

None. He made his own path and it wasn’t because he was black. It was because he was determined. I find it interesting when you start talking about the future, you have to use the past to justify it. Well let’s play that game for a minute. Slaves couldn’t eat in the same restaurants, couldn’t vote, couldn’t learn to read. But that didn’t stop them. When they became free, they still worked sharecropped land. Was it fair? Hell No. But they did it. They had a hunger to make up for all the lost time. All the lost words and ideas, they went to seek them out. And from that we got Great Black Role Models. Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Dubois. They did not wait for the right black man to come along and tell them it was O.K. to do so.

So why stake so much on Barack Obama. Oh, that’s right. It’s because black people still get pulled over for driving while black, because we still get passed over for promotions, and because there are still thousands of white bigots. Well there are Millions of people in this country and the voice of the the many outweigh the voice of the few. But you give them more validity with your arguement. If they are doing it, then we should do it to. If they won’t vote for the black man, I won’t even consider the white man. That makes you as big a bigot as the white people. Why? Because there are Millions of white people that are supporting Barack Obama. And it’s not because they want to prove they are not racist. It’s because they agree with his policy. They are against the War in Iraq. They are voting on Principle. And you’re voting on color.

I can even understand your inclination to support Obama. When my daughter saw Sarah Palin and asked if a woman could be President, I was happy. But that doesn’t stop the fact that she has to work for it. Sarah Palin is not what I use to bring my daughter hope. Her hope comes from me; telling her everyday that she is smart and beautiful and she can become anything she wants to be. I don’t need Sarah Palin for that and you shouldn’t need Barack Obama to impart the same on your grandson.

If we continue to put race over principles, we are doomed to continue on the same path. We have had our rights for years. Why is the situation only changing for a few of us? Some make it, but the majority don’t. And we continue to vote for the same policies. Something for nothing. When will we say; since more black people have joined the police force, there has been a decline in racially motivated stops; since more black people own there own business, there has been a reduction in the call for Higher Taxes that affect small businesses; since more black people have decided to vote Principle and not color, all black people have benefited from the character enrichment of elected officials.

So when your grandson gets old enough to run for President, race won’t even come up. It will all be focused on the Man and not the color. The ideas and not the color. The advancement of all America and not the color. Then maybe your grandson won’t think he can run for President because he’s black, but because he can make a difference in his country. He will know that Barack Obama may have laid a few stones but it was his hard work and detemination that got him to where he is not his color. I’m just saying.