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Kanye West On SNL

December 23rd, 2008 | By

I don’t care if you like him or not. Hot!

Not about what he has. More about what he’s lost and the impact of that lost. I hate his cockiness and I hope he really isn’t lip-syncing his songs. But I LOVE this performance.

Damn Beyonce: Do It! I’m A Diva!

December 19th, 2008 | By

Diva is Female Version of A Hustler

DMX Losing His Fight With Damien

December 15th, 2008 | By

I don’t do celebrity gossip. I hate celebrity gossip. If you pay more attention to what’s going on in the life of Beyonce than in what’s happening in your own existence, maybe you should do some re-examining.

Having said that, I’m praying hard for DMX. This is a real lesson for those who think if you get the right amount of money, your life will be fine. This man has talent, fame, and money, yet he still is losing a major battle in his life.

Everyone has heard, “Mo Money, Mo Problems”. And most of us would be like, “hell I’d take those problems” but is it really worth it?

Recently DMX was found in a foreclosed home of Scott Storch in Miami, Florida. He was turned in by a woman from Georgia who wanted to collect the $5,000 reward for X’s arrest. In all of this, the only comments I hear are about the snitiching woman.

What about DMX? Are we all going to ignore the fact that one of our best rappers, especially in this time of Soulja Boy and the rest, is losing a fight with the devil?

I’m quick to call someone out on stupidity. T.I. was one of my favorite current rappers and I stopped listening to his music for a while after his arrest. I was like, he is such a dumb ass for having guns knowing he’s a felon.

Now, I know I’ve got into it before with some of my readers who don’t think felons should be restricted from bearing firearms just because they made one mistake. In some cases, I can agree with those readers but my approval doesn’t change the law. Just because I say you should be able to protect your family doesn’t mean a judge will think the same thing. And he’s the one with the power.

I’m getting off point here. When I was going through my conservative change, I read DMX’s book, E.A.R.L.: The autobiography of DMX. If you want to hear a true story of what it’s like to grow up alone as a black man, you should read it. It’s the main reason I pay attention to any story that involves DMX.

This man has struggled. From the streets of New York to the slums of Baltimore to stages all over the world, DMX has been alone.

I want to point out a couple things from his book that I found really interesting.

When DMX was a kid, he was hit by a car. He wasn’t hurt but the insurance people came and offered his mother $10,000. She refused the money, saying she didn’t need a handout. She was living in the projects of New York. That money could have been used for so many things. A savings account to make sure the lights stayed on. A college fund. Instead his mother chose pride.

The first girl he ever loved played him, hard. He traveled from New York to Connecticut to see this girl and she stood him up. This was the first person he allowed to see his true self and she broke his heart. I remember when I was reading the book I thought, “I bet that bitch wish she would’ve shown up that day,” In hinesight, I guess not.

If you don’t know the significance of dogs in DMX’s life, you don’t know X. As a teenager he used to rob people with his dogs. Not joking. While everyone else was using guns, X used dogs. He believes dogs can be man only true companion. No judgment. No disapproval. Forever faithful. (I’m not an animal lover. But I can question why you hold the dog in such high esteem and can still watch as they fight another dog to the death.)

All the New York rappers hung out together. Well, not really hung out together but visited a lot of the same spots. O.K. I’m going to try to remember this story the best I can.

There was this studio in Yonkers where all the “New York rappers” came to try to win the street. They would have battle raps to garner a reputation. There were two major rappers that didn’t really participate in the battle raps, Jay Z and DMX. They both thought it was beneath them to rap against the up and comers, i.e. Jada Kiss.

But one night, Jay and X got into it. They battle rapped for over 4 hours straight. That would be one of my I wish I was there moments in history. Not thinking about what each would become. Just listening to Hip Hop in it’s true nature. Two individuals, two different lives, two different set of circumstances, with one mission. Word Play.

The best part of the story was X’s re-emergence. Right after he had his child, he was walking down the street and a boy pointed at him. The father of that boy began to beat X with a bat and the people in the neighborhood joined in. I’m not going to go into detail, you should really read the book.

I’ll just say, the first concert DMX ever performed he had removed the wiring from his mouth himself.

I love that book. In the end, you start to think DMX is going to be O.K. He went through so much, it’s about time he gets some peace in his life. But in the end, does a childhood of misery followed by success really mean anything without actual self healing?

O.K. This is what I mean. If you never deal with the things that make you miserable in the first place, do you think money or success can bring you real peace? Or is Damien, the devil, distracting you from dealing with the real issues that plague a lost soul.

See, DMX told us about his struggles with Damien. You couldn’t listen to a single X CD where Damien didn’t make an appearance. He was always there tempting the artist to follow him. Actually, X willing gave him his soul and Damien was just waiting to collect.

Well, I guess it’s payback time.

To see the complete 360 of DMX crushes me. The man can flow. He has charisma and swag and he ends up back down in the slums he once escaped.

All this is just a plea for prayers. All things can be done through Jesus Christ. But sometimes we need extra help from those around us. So I’m sending prayers for X and I hope you do the same.


I may have messed up a few points but I know I got the just of each story. I implore you all to read the book. You won’t be disappointed.

And Then They Forget: Cam’ron and Dame Dash On O’Reily

November 15th, 2008 | By

I don’t know how old this video is. I was looking for a video of a Cam’ron song I love and ran across it. The sad part is Cam’ron shitted on the song. Watch the Video, then I’ll explain.

Assholes. O.K. I really didn’t mean that. I meant Cam’ron is an Asshole. Sorry for the language but you don’t mind when they say it, so why should you care if I do?

I took Dame Dash out of my asshole comment because I think he really does show it’s cool to be smart. If you remember the show he had on BET, “Ultimate Hustler”, you can understand why I give him a pass. I learned a lot from that show. Never leave the house without your name on your clothes. (Please, if you want to buy name brand clothes, invest in the company and make some money in the process). Make sure the people around you are also hustlers. I mean his show was packed with insight on how to make in any industry. I have no beef with Dame Dash on this matter.

Now back to Cam’ron. He is the epitome of what’s wrong with Hip Hop. On his first album, Cam’ron had a song called D. Rugs. It is by far my favorite song by Cam’ron. If you haven’t heard it, you need to.

It’s about Cam’ron’s mother’s addiction to drugs and how he got pulled into the game. It’s a real story of what’s going on in the hood told in a positive manner. It didn’t glorify the drug game, it told you the real consequences behind the drug game. His mother ending up in the hospital and him ending up in handcuffs. I loved Cam’ron for that song.

Then comes the PINK era. I don’t know what happened to make him forget the truth. All of a sudden, it’s cool to sell drugs again. You are a man if you know how to run a block. And real men can wear PINK from head to toe and still be cool.

That’s bullshit. How could you write a song that shows so much raw emotion, then turn back into drug selling pimp. Am I being judgemental? Hell yeah. I’m mad. I’m losing artist to believe in.

Now let’s take a little look back at the interview. O.K. So you write what’s really going on in the hood. This is what gets left out. You are no longer in the hood. You get robbed when you go to the hood, but you don’t sing about that. Why? Because then you would be the punk in your own song.

Why don’t you rap about the struggles of opening your own record label. I mean that’s what you did, right. Why not put all your struggles on record and let people know the problems they face are faced by everyone. That would give them some push to keep going. Instead you continue to rap about the things you used to do, not the things you are currently doing.

And when you get called on it, you bring up movies. With that, I’ll bring back Dame Dash. You two make movies. Are they tales about how to make it out the hood? No. It’s back to showing only the negative. Then you turn around and ask someone else to point out the positive. Are you serious?

You don’t point out the positive. You still make the kid going to school seem like a square and the dudes hustling on the corner seem like the cool guys. I understand that’s really how the hood is but is that the way to change it. To see those that made it out continuously using the bad to promote themselves. Does it matter if you talk to 150 students when your albums and movies reach Millions?

Then when you mix the two, the old Cam’ron with the new, you get nothing but a mixed message. It’s cool to be smart but you still have to sell drugs to fit in. It’s cool to start your own business but you have to buy a big car the moment you do. And don’t even get me started on the subject of Women.

For this Dame Dash gets a Fuck You. I’m sure you have all heard the stories of how Dash treated the girls at the video shoots. Throwing champagne on them, calling them out their names, and basically treating them like they are nothing. I don’t blame him because if I was one of those girls, a real news story would come to pass. “Female beats the shit out of Dame Dash with his own bottle.”

But the message is still there. Men with power can treat women anyway they choose. There are women, god bless their souls, that actually accept this treatment. And as long as they accept it, there will be men that are willing to throw it out. That’s something us females have to fix.

Back to Cam’ron. He has another great song on his first CD. I think it’s called “It’s all good”. It’s about a man loving a woman. Yet again, one of my favorite Hip Hop songs and then comes PINK Cam’ron calling us all hoes and tricks. This is where I get pissed off.

I don’t care if you point out a few women and call them names. I know some of these women and they don’t mind. But you can’t point to us all with a single stroke. So when you say ALL WOMEN are this or that, you are degrading us. Yet again, I won’t blame Cam’ron. I will criticize but I won’t blame.

There are more women in this country than there are men. If we refused to buy any album where blanket statements are made about whole groups, we would change Hip Hop. We don’t have to complain or protest, all we have to do is stop spending. This is what I do. If the first song you put on the radio is filled with blanket statements, then I won’t buy the album. The C.D. could be filled with great songs but you choose to put the commercial ones first, then you won’t get me to buy your music. It’s that simple.

Probably explains why I haven’t bought a Cam’ron record since the first one.

Oh, I forgot the main reason I was writing this. The issue of whether they care or not. Cam’ron said there should be more parent teacher conferences. This is my question. Cam’ron go back to the time when you were living your D. Rugs song. Would your addict mother go to the school for a parent teacher conference? I’m not trying to be mean when I say that. I know what addiction does to a family. I know what it’s like for a child watching their parents ruin any chance of a decent upbringing. How can you honestly say it has to be the parents, only.

I’m one of those parents that listens to Disney songs when my daughter is in the car. I plan on going to every teacher’s conference my daughter has. But the truth is, D. Rugs is present in to many of our households. D. Rugs has more sway with some parents than any teacher ever could. And just imagine being the child that has to bring their drug addicted parent to school for everyone to see.

Cam’ron has really moved up in the world. In doing so, he has forgotten where he came from. He has forgotten what it felt like to be that child. And that’s a shame because there are kids out there that would love to hear that version of a C.E.O.’s life. Why are you not responsible for making sure everyone knows that version of the story?

Placing blame else where will not change our situation. I’m sure you didn’t blame one record label and that’s what got your foot in at another. Or did you forget that too.

What is Positive Hip Hop?

November 2nd, 2008 | By

Ice Cube On My Swagger List: Why Me?

November 2nd, 2008 | By

When Ice Cube came out with ‘Are We There Yet’, my brother was furious. He had listened to Ice Cube since N.W.A. and now he can’t stand Ice Cube. He said and I quote, “That nigga went soft.”

I told him, That man went rich. He didn’t agree to say the least. This is what I don’t understand. We complain about not having opportunities but when we see someone take advantage of opportunities, we hate on them. When we see someone grow beyond our growth level, we criticize.
And when all else fails, we act like crabs in the barrel and pull anyone who tries to make it back down.

I’m going out to buy “Raw Footage”, the new Ice Cube CD. Let me explain why. I don’t go and buy a CD until I hear the first song the artist releases. If they choose to put out a “commercial” song, they won’t get my money. It takes guts to put out a song criticizing what’s cool. Any artist that does, will get a CD sell out of me. This is how we change Hip Hop. Only spend money on those that deserve it.

Sumthin Gotta Give: Big Boi and Mary J. Blige

August 25th, 2008 | By

I Love OutKast. Mary J. Blige is my favorite Female Artist. Just watch the video, while I build my thoughts.

Oh! Hip Hop isn’t dead. It lives and there are “Mainstream” Artists that will put it all out there. Not like Jack Ass Ludacris, but with swag and eloquence. I really hate to do what I’m about to.

What the Hell is Wrong with You Two?

In the beginning, you should have stated this was an endorsement for Barack Obama. I don’t mind that you have an opinion and you want to share it. Go Ahead. But make it known ahead of time. Question why they wait until the end of the video to show Obama. Is it maybe; then you don’t have to explain How He Is Going To Help You.

Why not start with the local Government? Why not point out the Mayors’ that have held office during the declining years? Let’s just throw one out there.

This is Shirley Franklin. She has been the Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia since 2002. If the schools continue to decline. Go and talk to her. If the crime rate gets worse, go knock on her door. If you can’t find a job, ask her for one. I guarantee If Barack Obama becomes President, the government of your city will not change. Especially if you already have a Democrat in office.

So What’s the Point?

I don’t think they are encouraging anyone new to vote for Obama. The ones’ who would fall for it, already are voting for him because he is black.

My beef comes with the deception. I believe the words in the song, until Mary begins to sing. I just don’t see how any policy Barack Obama supports will get us to the World they Want. Okay we can bring the troops home. I got that, Not going to argue, but what else?

See, Democrats will fight for the right to have guns in Video’s but will try to deny you the right to have one in your home legally. They will fight for Health Care but will split your benefits with Illegal Immigrants. They will fight for College Tuition but fight against sending your child to a school that will actually prepare them for College. They will fight for your right to choose but will deny you the right to help your child with the decision. They will fight for Gay’s right to marry but be careful, with a combined income you might become “Rich” and see your Taxes double.

Where is any of that in the Message?

Russell Simmons: Don’t Blame the Rappers, Fix the Problems

July 26th, 2008 | By

I think I nailed the equation to our problems, Black Family Breakdown + Excuses Excuses Excuses + Refusal to Integrate = The Black Plight.

Now there are few other things I want to get off my chest.

Somebody is to blame for the breakdown of HIP HOP.

Now there can only be a few culprits, so lets do a little break down.

The Artist

Just like an NFL quarterback, the Artist catch most of the flack in Hip Hop. Just like a NFL quaterback gets all the credit in victory. Is it fair? Not always, but if the quarterback threw 5 interceptions, your assessment would be dead on.

Music is a money making industry, so to be successful you have to generate buzz. The problem is most artist today don’t use creative ideas to get their name out. Instead the opt for the same path that lead other artist to success. Sex, Money, Drugs, and Violence.

Now Russell Simmons says you can’t blame the Rapper because he’s just painting a picture of what he sees. A few questions.

Are there no black women in the Hood with morals?

I know there are, because I was one. Where are the rappers the can tell a black woman they are beautiful, without being loose. Tupac did it. Niggas respected him even though he had respect for woman. Yes he had a video or two with women, but rarely were the women the main focus. And when there were the main focus, he gave us strength, respect for ourselves, and hope that some black men out there still have respect for us.

Are there no black men that chose not to hustle and make it.

Yes there are. For all my brothers doing your thing despite the cards dealt to you. There are no words for what I feel for you. Keep it up. Where is there voice? Eminem carries that voice. It might come from a white person, but it’s a every color struggle. What about those that never want to sell crack? That find other legit ways to make it out? Where is the song about them. Most rappers fit into that category. It’s just when the get famous they become Crack Selling Kings.

Are there no Mother’s and Father’s who stories should be told

Is there not one rapper who’s father was there for him? Is there not one rapper that got some girl pregnant and had to change his life not to repeat the same mistakes with there own child? Yes. The tell their stories on reality shows, magazine articles, and web pages. Then they put out songs that say just the opposite.

The Higher Ups

Now this includes radio, T.V., and Record Labels. They have the power, that’s plain and simple. They can control what we hear, when we hear it, and how many times we hear it. What we need to understand, they have to have a product to sell.

If Artists can agree Hip Hop is in trouble, especially when Soulja Boy is nominated for BEST RAP song, then they can all put out music that inspires some form of change. Do you have to take the violence out, No. Make it important that songs with value get the same airplay as the bling’d out songs do.

They don’t have as much power as you would think. No Product, No Business.

I have to add one more thing here. Commercializing Rap. This is not a bad thing. That’s were the money is. The problem comes when there are no truly talented people with a real message, and they have to take the most watered down on the crap.

The Fan

We are the real culprits. We should shoulder most of the blame.

Artist will try to make the music that sells. The Higher Ups will promote music that sells. The fans decide what music sells.

Women stop going out and buying Ludacris because you like one song, even though you know you’ll be called a ho on all the other songs. And yes he means you. Because he would throw money at your ass the same way he would anyone else.

If you have a young daughter, how can you spend a dime on R. Kelly. Seriously. At 16 did I think I knew what I was doing? Yes. Would I blame someone else for the decisions I made? No. But as a grown woman, I look to blame R. Kelly. Why? Because he is a grown man. Plan and simple. He could have any grown woman he wanted, yet he goes after little girls. That is Nasty.

More than that. We have to up our standards. Stop buying C.D.’s until they start to question why sales are hurting so much. Stop watch 106 and Park, TRL, and the likes, until they start to question why no one watched videos anymore.

They will come to us asking how can they get our Business back. And we can say, “GIVE US HIP HOP BACK”. We want the lyrics you have to listen to four or fives time to get it. We want females that spit fire, without showing their ass. We want our culture in commercials, but not when it depicts only the worst aspects of our culture. We want music that not only paints where we are, but where we’re going and how we are going to get there.

They would listen because we have the money to make them listen. Without us, they are nothing. And if we continue to do nothing, we’ll be the blame for the fall of HIP HOP.

David Banner: Comments From B.E.T.

July 20th, 2008 | By

If you’ve read Top 10 Hip-hop’ers with Swag, you’ll know I placed David Banner on the list because of the intelligence he displayed when speaking to Congress. He had notes and demonstrated his points articulately and I appreciated it (not that I didn’t expect it). So many probably thought they would hurt their careers by standing in a Congressional Meeting Hall.

That’s not the only reason I give David Banner props. I have a lot to say about the disaster in New Orleans, like why would the people re-elect Nagin when all the buses were just sitting there, I digress. But more importantly, when Kanye West was on T.V. making an ass out of himself, David Banner was on a boat trying to help save people. While all other black people were at home complaining, David Banner was donating more than a couple dollars, he gave his time, his words, and hope to a lot of people and for that I say thank you.

But that’s were the compliments stop.

Recently on B.E.T.’s Hip-Hop vs. America, David Banner pissed me off. Just once I would like to see a Hip-Hop brother come on with no excuses. Instead Banner had them written down and spouted ignorance at the highest levels. Let’s have some fun.

It’s not my job to raise your children

David Banner, I don’t want to raise my child. I do that. That’s my responsibility. But I want my daughter to love Hip-Hop. Can you help me with that? Can I let my daughter hear your song, cuss words and all, because it makes a point? When she understands what you’re talking about, will she grow in some way?

When I was in High School, my teacher had a sign that said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I believe Hip-Hop is our village, yet the elders preach selling drugs, fast fleeting money, admonishment for “Squares”. What about those of us who look to Hip-hop for culture, opportunities, or just a place to forget our pain. We got money too, make us a target audience.

They are in the Streets crying for help

That was the only part of David Banners speech that I agreed with. I was excited so I sent an email out to my male friends, and they ALL wrote back “I’m still in my fuck the world stage.” This coming from 20 something year old men. They don’t want help because if they get it and educate themselves they get picked on, by us.

We don’t give them the time to struggle, make mistakes and correct them, and finally succeed. If they don’t have it right away, they get clowned. Girls say that want a man with a plan, but if he don’t have a Range Rover we don’t give them the time of day.

I believe Black Men and Women are in the streets crying. I don’t believe they know why they are crying. Life is hard. I know. My mom would’ve rather smoked crack than raise me. I lived with my dad, but I couldn’t tell you one thing he taught me. I made it important to educate myself. I wanted more.

So, maybe they are crying because they want it too. They just don’t know, we, as black people, want them to have more. All they hear is reasons they can’t make it from people who’ve made it.

What about Martin Scorsese? Nobody points to his Gansta Movies

Everybody might have watched his movies, but most black people wouldn’t know it was his movie. I don’t pay attention to things like that. Furthermore, when we’re talking about problems in the black community, what the hell does Scorsese have to do with it? Last time I checked he was white.

White people are not killing themselves at alarming rates. White people don’t have the highest death by A.I.D.S. statistics. White people have so much variety, a couple of gansta movies don’t affect public persona.

Every rap song these days talks about money and cars, most black people can’t afford. Drugs, most black people have someone addicted to drugs in their family. Fucking, some black women think they can’t make they’re own money, they go after dealers, artists, and sports stars to get ahead. It might not have originated in our culture, but we’ve grabbed on to it and embraced it, like it’s a good thing. And David Banner had more to do with writing that script than Martin Scorsese did.

I tried positive music, but it didn’t sell

Then you are a compromised artist. That was your way of telling us, you don’t believe what you rap, that makes you fake. See, I thought the thing about gangsta’s is they always tell the truth, whether someone want to hear it or not. Where’s your backbone?

Oh, I get it. It’s not about a backbone, it’s about that money. So fuck the fact that you could continue to put out positive music to help those black people you hear crying in the streets, just make sure you got money. Then you can give that money back to the streets. Don’t you realize you can’t separate the message from the money. Which leads me to my last point.

I’m not a role model

Taking into account everything I’ve already written, how can you not be a role model? David Banner undoubtedly has begun a path most artist would shy away from. That makes you a role model. Those people you helped rescue will look up to you as a role model. Women like me, who might not fully agree, look to you more than the Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharton’s of our communities.

We love Hip-Hop. It’s not just music. It’s a billion dollar industry. It’s our melting pot for ideas, healing, and advancement in all fields. If we could get artist that think that role model is not a bad word. Live your life right and make your words match your true feelings, and it shouldn’t matter if other look to you for inspiration. Those that don’t want to be called role models, more than likely, don’t agree with music they make. I can’t imagine Mary J Blige telling black girls not to learn from her struggles and successes. Where are the Men that are willing to stand up and say “follow me little black boy, and I’ll show you how to get out the ghetto?”

For feeling this way, I’ve been called some pretty horrible names, but I don’t care. See it’s not just about making money for me. I do want money, but I have my limits. I will not whore myself, nor will I encourage other black women to whore themselves. I will not preach excuses. Yes, there are still racist people in America, but I don’t care. They can’t stop me, because I won’t let them. I will not support artist that never have a single nice thing to say about a woman, nor will I support artists that have wives at home, and sing about being a pimp. I will not be compromised. I know that makes my road harder, but I figure if I keep to my morals, some black girl or boy will see it and say that’s how I’m going to do it.

Do I want to be a role model? No. Will I take the job? Yes. With all my faults, I would still preach the same message. YOU CAN DO IT. What ever “it” is. I could tell you a million reason you won’t make it, but how is that helping? Instead I’ll say it’s not easy, I know, but damn is it worth it.


June 25th, 2008 | By

It’s a painful reality of life, we will all get our hearts broken once or twice. Not to sound like a rhyme, but it happens time to time. I’m kidding.

We women get a real difficult decision in those situations. We can go out like Beyonce and “Ring the Alarm” or we can be Rhianna and let him “Take a Bow” and go.

You have to understand what effect your response plays on a situation. Take Beyonce.

That’s how you feel when it first happens, but that’s when he or she still has control over you. You are so worried about how he’s spending his time, instead of healing yourself. That means if it doesn’t work out for you, you carry all that garbage with you to the next relationship.

Worst than that you allow the intruder know how much they hurt you. I love to show up happy and flossy, like I got gold mines in my living room. You feel better when you look good. You should concentrate of what somebody else it going to get, but it shouldn’t be the next female he plays. It should be the next man you decide to give your heart to.

Now this is the answer. Calm and cool, completely realizing it is their lost.

Even more than that, he or she will be standing there like no fussing or fighting. They would be shocked, because when they can get you to argue back you start to let down your defenses. Not to mention angry sex is awesome, and hard to turn away.

Beyonce’s performance speaks for itself. She is off the chain. When I first heard Ring the Alarm, I was like Hell Yeah. Then you flip through the channels and Court TV is headlining 3 trials where one spouse killed the other. Seriously. I got a little one and I be damned if I’m going to jail because you don’t know what you have.

I didn’t give Rhianna any props until this song. I stopped listening to the radio when “Umbrella” was in heavy rotation. It gave me a real bad mainstream song headache. Then she comes back and makes history. First artist to debut at #58 and make it to Number 1. Kudos.

So from a grown womans perspective. They are both beautiful. Beyonce is more successful right now, but Rhianna is quickly building a strong fan base. That means the choice will be ours. Not in which artist to like, but what approach to take.

Let’s see Beyonce ends her video in a police station and Rhianna ends hers with a smile of her face. Choice is yours.

Oh, let me cut you off. If you say that I should have compared “Irreplaceable” instead of “Ring the Alarm”, I refuse. I can have another you by tomorrow. Why would you want another him? Leave all your stuff in a box, for what? Take that shit. It’s your reward, I don’t want it. Except the car of course.