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Herman, Hypocrisy, and Distraction

November 10th, 2011 | By

The Founders gave three qualifications for Presidency of the United States of America; natural born citizen, 35 years old and a 14 year residency in the United States.  Nothing more, nothing less.  There is no mention of a so-called path to the Presidency because no such path existed, as per their intention.  As a country, we learned the hard way and added a constitutional amendment to limit the number of terms of the Presidency. 

Fast forward to Herman Cain and the hypocrisy of America.  This is not an endorsement of Herman Cain nor is it a dismisal of the charges being waged against the Presidential candidate.  Here’s to President Obama and those “teachable moments”  he loves so much.

Let’s say you had three groups.  Just for fun, we can name them #REP, #TEA and #OWS.  #Tea loves everything about America and believes its the best country in the world.  #Ows believes America is the cause of all the evil in the world and only through its destruction will peace rise. #REP view on America changes to fit their agenda.  Just Sayin! The groups carry different philosophies and therefore view the world through very different lenses.

Insert Herman Cain!  

#REP loses its mind.  Who in the hell does he think he is?  He didn’t ask our permission or rally for our support.  He didn’t spend the last two and a half years campaigning into our good graces. 

#OWS calls him a traitor.  Who in the hell does he think he is?  A black man that doesn’t represent the Democratic Party?  How can he sell out his own people and their wants and needs.

#TEA pays attention.  Who in the hell is this man and why haven’t I heard of him before?  He’s a regular guy that’s accomplished the American Dream, got knocked down by cancer and beat it, and lays his heart on his sleeve when he talks about the problems of this country.

Insert the Hypocrisy!

#REP  Straight Up Hypocrites.  You want conservatives to believe you represent self-reliance and the premise that any man can pull himself up by his boot straps and forge his own path, even to the White House.  You want conservatives to believe we can trust you with the future of our country because you believe the American People and their ingenuity is the answer to restoring our economy.  Then when an average American citizen arrives to challenge your authority, who’s worked his way from the bottom up, you dismiss him as unqualified or unprepared.

#OWS  Straight Up Hypocrites.  You want the banks to pay for squashing the little guy and making it impossible for the average American to rise above their station in life. (Sorry but I got a chill up my spine writing that.)    You want the rich, like Herman Cain, to pay for the lack of opportunity available in the US.  An average American, like Herman Cain, comes along and presents a direct contridiction to your complaints and you brand him an Uncle Tom or House Nigger.

 #TEA stayed focused on economy and solutions and Herman Cain’s poll numbers started to rise.

Insert Distraction!

This article was intended to take a shot at Establishment Republicans on the Right and Over Zealous Libs on the left but the real lesson is for the American People. 

Because we stick to our notion of them verses us, we get caught up in the hypocrisy.  Can a man or woman be born into modest means and still rise to the level of Presidency in America?  I think our incumbent President proves that.  But can a man keep his soul, refuse normal party politics, and still capture the heart of America?  Can Tucker “Idiot’ Carlson decide who is qualified or does that power still remain with the American People?  Can Toure pronounce Cain unacceptable because of a black sexual stereotype and blond women?  Are these the parameters that limit our thinking process when it comes to politics?

Andrew Breitbart said it best.  If you can’t sell freedom, than you suck.  How does bickering amongst Conservatives and Establishment Republicans help us sell freedom to the American People?  How does continously pointing out and raging against a biased and aloof media help us convince the American people this county is their country, holds their future, and needs to be restored, not destroyed. 

I say, squash the politics for a moment and bring it back to the individual.  The single man that decided he wanted more, hustled and worked to accomplish unimaginable heights of success, and then decided to thank the country that provided him with the opportunity by becoming a public servant. (Not by writing a check.)   He fits the criteria set by our founders, embodies the dream of our forefathers, and proves the exception can indeed be the rule.   Take away the name.  Take away the political affiliation.  Take away the color.  And just look at the story of an average American citizen. 

It’s no longer us verses them.  It’s the dream we have as college students for ourselves #OWS, the dream parents have for their children #TEA, and future our founders wished for us when they gave us three simple qualifications #REP.   At age 35, a man born in America with the ideals of America breed into him over a 14 year span is qualified to be President.  Not because Carlson said so or Toure approves but because this country teaches us about ourselves by the obstacles we overcome to acheive blessings we never thought possible. 

Now that’s how you sell Herman Cain to the American People.  Yes, there will still be those of us who question 9-9-9 but at least the conversation will be on substance and not hypocrisy and distraction.

On a Personal Trip Thru Liberalville: Please Bear With Me

July 20th, 2011 | By

Hey everyone. I’ve taken a min off working on some other projects and trying to get my book together. Unfortunately, for the moment, I’m a one woman show 🙂 and still a full time Mom. Blog will be back in full swing soon. Until then, feel free to roam the site, listen to a few of my speeches, and see how much I’ve grown through this blog. #Onlythebeginning #GameOn #FightlikeaGirl

In Defense of Farrakhan & Rev. Wright: At Least They Tell The Truth

March 22nd, 2011 | By

If one thing is missing in this politically correct and perverted version of America, it’s the truth.  Nobody is willing to tell the truth about the debt, the economy, entitlements, and the list goes on.  So when someone actually tells the truth, we all look at them like them are ravenous dogs unworthy of our time, effort, or energy.  This is the plight we face with Louis Farrakhan and Rev. Jeremiah Wright.   We are told by the Media and the Elites to dismiss and ignore the voices of such crazed men.  Why?


 This is the exact conversation we need to have. Why are we running from it?  Is Marxism a good thing?  Here, you have a Reverend speaking about the greatness of Karl Marx theology and we must dismiss it? 

The first requisite for the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion.   Karl Marx

That’s Karl Marx.  Are you willing to give up your Religion for Earthly happiness?  Let’s not bother with such miniscule questions the left can call us unintelligent for posing; let’s try something else.  How about we start a body count of all forms of Government that are marked by Karl Marx’s legacy.  The formula goes like this, you take all the countries that are Capitalistic.  Heaven forbid you start with the “racial trash” that hasn’t even figured out Capitalism is the only way to build wealth so Marxist can steal it.  Then you take that country make it dependent on its government until you form a Socialist Government.  This will give the citizens time to deal with their new reality; you know, get over the fact that they are no longer FREE.  Finally, a dictator presents himself, or herself as in the case of Brazil, and the Era of Communism will begin.

Communism like we see in China; where women are forced into abortions, pro-democracy protesters disappear, and Nobel Peace Prize recipients get their award behind prison walls.  When Communism was first invoked in China, Mao cared so much for the little people that he gave them all numbers instead of names.  40,000,000 killed under Mao.

Communism like we saw in Stalins Russia.  Read about Robert Robinson and all the promises made to blacks about Communism.  Then read about the great purge and how he almost died during Russia’s Communist revolution.  How Russians refused to let him come back to the US because they didn’t want to lose the Communist Propaganda war.  47,000,000 people died by torture or in gulags under Stalin.

Communism like we see in Fidel’s Cuba; where people cross shark infested waters on rickety rafts to make it to Florida.  They say the people are in better shape than those in America.  Of course they are.  They have no food and no choice but to walk everywhere they go.  They have no choice but to be thinner and more in shape.  2,000,000 were killed under Che in Fidel Castro’s rise to power.

If I were to keep this up and go through South America, well, you get the picture.  I didn’t even make a stop in North Korea where people are eating plant soup.

Then you have Louis Farrakhan.

This is Fascism. I know, I know, Fascism is a “right-wing” thing. Well, don’t front like Farrakhan isn’t “right-wing”. If he were in Egypt, he would’ve been standing beside Mubarack. He is standing beside Qaddafi in Libya and I’m sure if we were ever to attack Iran, he would be against us on that endeavour as well. As he says, “this is more complex than you think”.  The only thing that keeps him from being “right-wing” in America is the fact  he hates white people.  If he were able to win a state and put it under his dominion, I gladly offer Illinois since they love him already, I’m sure it would be under strict Muslim rule.  I don’t think Rev. Wright would  be welcomed any longer.  

But no.  Let’s not have these conversations.  Let’s not decide what’s really best for us; let’s just keep our heads in the sand and deal with what ever is handed to us when the dust finally settles.  On this, I will stand in defense of Rev. Wright and Farrakhan.  Please keep speaking and forcing America to realize there is a real inside threat to this country.  Continue to help us prove the black Church is under assault and a lot of the “Christian” message being spread is in direct contradiction to the word of God.  Give us the ammunition so when Whoopi walks off stage next time, we can point out that there are black Muslims in America that are predicting our downfall.  They can’t keep calling us crazy as long as you keep telling the truth about your intentions.

A Socialist Playing in a Communist Sandbox

February 2nd, 2011 | By

I’m going to piss some people off with this one.

In completing more research for an upcoming project, I had a rather revealing thought.  Why did Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have everyone  sign a pledge of non-violence?  I mean, he was a preacher, was it not in his power to put trust in his people and their faith in God?  The pieces of the puzzle didn’t fit into place until I watched Al Sharpton on Bill O’Reilly goating the host to admit King was a Socialist.  Let me fill you in on a couple facts; It’s Black History Month, after all.

Democrats, especially the Talented Tenth Black Democrats, will often remind us to be grateful to Democratic President Harry Truman for desegregating the military.  They forget to mention that Democratic President Woodrow Wilson re-segregated the military and all government offices but I digress.  What I find extremely interesting is they don’t give the Black man who forced Truman’s hand any credit.  I have never heard a black teacher, politician, or clergyman mention the name A. Philip Randolph.  In case you haven’t heard his name, he was the father of Black Unionization.  You should really research him.  He was an Atheist, a Communist, and a very talented community organizer.  He had a dream, long before Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream, of having a march on Washington.  Randolph threatened Truman with that dream and Truman compitulated signing a Executive Order to de-segregate the military.  Why don’t we know this history?

Well, maybe, it’s the fact it had nothing to do with Civil Rights.  It had everything to do with garnering more power for the the Unions.  Randolph wasn’t mad at the treatment of the average black person, he was more concerned with those paying union dues.   He didn’t care that black men where fighting in American wars for freedom, he was mad Unions with Black members were being left out of Government contracts.  He didn’t approach a Democratic President with the wonderful idea of equality because he knew the Democrats were there to help, he did it because he knew the Unions were spreading around money and politicians, on both sides, like money.  Now, don’t blame Randolph for his loyalty to the Union.  It’s not his fault that when he tried to take the message of communism to the poor blacks, they refused to buy into his non-sense.  It seems people, even poor black people, can find happiness in God and Family; they weren’t filled with hate, like they “should” have been.

Fast forward a decade or two and we’re smack dab in the middle of the Civil Rights of the ’60’s.  A. Philip Randolph is now working with the newly merged AFL-CIO, who is openly courting the Democratic Party.    The AFL, which during the early part of the century didn’t allow unskilled, or Black, workers to join, now had a price to pay to get the black community to forgive their racism of the past.  So they stuck with the strategy that brought Planned Parenthood success, the Negro Project.  In other parts of the country, a ground swell of the people was starting to form under the leadership of  a young Reverend from Georgia.  Taking his dream and everything he’d learned; Blacks aren’t very accepting of Communism,  Blacks didn’t follow Atheist, and all politicians like money, A. Philip Randolph and his Union began to court Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“The first requisite for the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion.” Karl Marx

My theory is based on believing King knew this.  It’s based on my belief that he was truly a man of God and a force of good.  But I have serious questions.  In looking back at pictures of his rallies and pictures in my daughters books based on the Reverends life, there are Communist signs everywhere.  “We have the RIGHT to a job”, which if you read the actual Manifesto, you actually have an “obligation” to work, which is a totally different ball of wax.  “Workers of the World, Unite”, which always begs the question of what about the people who don’t work?  Or did I answer that question in my first example?  Again, I digress.  At the same time I was asking myself these questions, Al Sharpton appears on my T.V.  “So, you will admit King was a Socialist?”  Sharpton asked O’Reilly desperately prodding the host to say the words he’d been dying to say for years.

Then it all hit me.  Why did Rev. Dr. Martin King make all the protestors sign a non-violence pledge?  He knew he was playing in a Communist Sandbox.  A man under the pressures of King would’ve known everyone he was working with.  He would’ve made sure people were checked for affiliations or at least his people would’ve checked.  Like every other Public Speaker, he would’ve known what the crowd wanted to hear and he would’ve known the right buttons to push in a Union crowd.  That also means he would’ve known how they would re-act.  He knew that he could control his church population, his new Union allies, not so much.  So, Rev. King’s non-violence, God-fearing policy brought in the people where the Communist had failed and A. Philip Randolph sat back and watched “HIS” dream come true.  A Black Communist March on Washington, who cares if it was cloaked in the righteousness of Civil Rights.  It also accomplished a Democratic Party goal, it began the purging of all their racist history as well.  In one fell swoop, with a Reverend in the lead, the black community was set to vote on policies that would get us to Socialism.

To tie it all together, if you read Marx, there is a road map to Communism.  The roadmap starts at Democracy, then Socialism, and eventually Communism.  If you get a majority dependent on Government, then you’ll have Socialism.  During the Socialist period, the common people will “adjust” to their new reality.  Then a powerful force will take power and the transition to Communism will be complete. Funny thing about Socialist like Sharpton, they seem to not know their history.  When Communist take over, the first thing they do is “get rid” of all the Socialist.  There can be no middle ground, either you are for us or against us.  If I were a Socialist, I would take this into consideration when I’m playing in a Communist Sandbox.

Dear Obama

January 24th, 2011 | By

Pride and the Black Conservative

January 24th, 2011 | By

It’s 2011, A Brand New Year.

It’s customary to make a resolution, isn’t it?  We’re supposed to promise to lose weight (or in my case, gain a few pounds), stop smoking, be better stewards of our money, or this will be the year I find the love of life.  What ever the case, you’ve probably already given up on that resolution.

Instead, I offer you a reflection- in the form of a question- for the New Year.  Do you think you escaped the Indoctrination Process?

Over the last month I’ve been without my computer, special shout out to my hacker, but that time gave me a perspective of the Black Conservative Layout.  We are a Prideful bunch.  Each of us, walking around, all finding something to beef about and never accomplishing anything.  I never thought I would find myself agreeing with Van Jones but we have not been taught “how to rise up and grab the whip”.  I’m not talking the crazy Communist views of this man, but his analysis is alive and well on our side as well. 

The same arguments we use against Liberals, I find in a strong abundance amongst Black Conservatives.

There are those who wait for a White Republican to say something out of line and they pounce.  How does this differ from the NAACP?

There are those who always complain about the problems but when asked to participate, they are too busy or caught up in their own lives to come up with solutions.  How does this differ from the uneducated masses you rail against?

There are those who offer themselves and their ideas as the be all, end all, solution to every problem that ails our communities.  How does this differ from the Elites currently in power, on both sides?

There are those who want to get paid and don’t care how they have sell their people short to accomplish this goal.  How does this differ from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton?

There are those who act as Racism never existed, doesn’t currently exist, and refuses to give any credence to those who point out obvious contradictions to that belief.  How is that any different from those on the Left who play the Race Card for everything, not matter how ridiculous the argument?

Am I the only one who sees a problem here?  We are putting together the same power structure as the Left.  We are all trying to fit into their game board and we will lose.  Or should I question, have we already lost?  If the awakened and educated among us can’t be humble enough to realize we’re still playing in traps, did you escape the indoctrination?  

And now time for my Personal Indoctrination Testimony!

I don’t trust people.  I learned very young in life, you can’t trust people.  You can admire them, love them, accept them, but very rarely can you trust them.  My mother didn’t teach me this lessons, I didn’t learn it from the Bible, but it was my chief principle during my teenage years.  Don’t trust a guy who says he just wants to chill, at home, for the night.   He’s not by himself.   Don’t trust females that have self-esteem issues.  They gossip and will trash you the moment the opportunity presents itself.  Don’t trust those who place blame on others.  Soon, they will be asking you to give them a ride to the store.

In all of this, I lost the ability to trust myself.  If no one is worthy of trust, then how can I trust myself.  I expect those around me to turn the minute it gets hot in the kitchen.  So when the kitchen gets hot, I’d turn as well.  Even with all I’ve learned about the importance of distrust in breaking a part our communities, I still find it extremely difficult to let people in.  In 2010, I not only started to trust people but I found people trusted in me.    This prospect scared me to death.  It’s unfamiliar, uncharted territory and I don’t like it.

Here’s the question:  Do I let my preconceived notions rule my life or do I walk in God’s word, no matter the discomfort?

Here’s the point:  We must get our head out of the clouds and back to reality.  We all grew up in a society that enforced fear, envy, and distrust.  We can’t pretend we escaped without some of the Liberal mindset sinking in.  Imagining we are without sin, or believing our sin weighs less than others, keeps us from reaching our true potential.  I implore Black Conservatives to find out what part of Liberalism most affected you and reflect if it still affects you.  The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

Friday Night “Black” Out!

October 17th, 2010 | By

My favorite times at Huguenot High School happened every Friday Night.   Especially when I became a Flag Girl in the band.  We were the cream of the crop in the inner city of Richmond, Va.  We even gave the County boys a run for their money.  I remember one night we were playing L. C. Byrd, a Chesterfield County School.  Their football players got off the bus and we went into shock.  Those were some of the biggest men I had ever seen gathered in one place.

We instantly started making jokes about their size.  We said our players would get run over by freight trucks.  We said those country white boys were going to crush us into black pancakes.  We laughed and we joked but our football team didn’t find it very funny.  They pounded their chest, huddled in prayer, and came out with the intention of proving us wrong.  And they did.

They had no fear.  The didn’t care about skin color, size, or county lines.  They said to themselves they were the best, they had a coach that demanded the best from them and they delivered.  When L.C. Byrd left our not-so state of the art school, after playing against our semi-disadvantaged squad, they left in defeat. 

Things aren’t so pretty these days at Huguenot High.  With a 1-5 record, they suck.  There is no other nice way to put it.  What was once a dominate force in High School football is now a mere shell of its former self.  The games arent’ even close and don’t even ask about their away record.

What could cause this?  A big answer is the loss of our coach Bo Jones but that is a simple answer. In our winning days, we were the exception to the rule.  All the other city schools were horrible.  I remember one game, we scored so many touchdowns, at half-time we started coming up with new had gestures for the second half.    We didn’t want to keep repeating the same routines.  Then instead of marching back to the bus playing our music and showing our steps, the coaches and parents demanded we run to the bus because the crowd was VERY upset about the outcome of the game.

Friday Nights are supposed to be fun and filled with lasting memories for members of the team, the school, and the community.  How crucial is fixing our desire to compete in our overall mission to save our community?

What’s wrong with inner-city sports?


Of course I’m going to start with prayer.  Most inner cities are run by Democrats/Liberals/Progressives, so they are usually the first to restrict worship.  No God for you.  They are the first to say “Winter Break” instead of “Christmas”.  They are the first to make a big deal out of moments of silence because someone might be thanking God for their school and teachers. (Doesn’t that kid know the Government gave them that school and pays those teachers?  But I digress)  The ones who like to assume the role of God but take no credit when their decisions turn to ruin.

God is an integral part of most Americans lives, no matter the color, size, or county lines.  Removing him from the picture doesn’t give our youth the ability to humble themselves before a greater power.  It doesn’t give them the opportunity to take their worries to God and leave them there, allowing them to focus on the field.  It removes the blessing God heaps upon us when we gather in a group and praise his name.  If we want zero-cost solution to fixing our schools, bring back prayer.

Parental Involvement

After God, the next most important people are the parents.  When did we stop becoming parents?  Even in my childhood, I don’t remember my parents ever showing up, for anything.  Why do we refuse to be there to shape our children?  Well, yet again, Democrats/Liberals/Progressives run our inner cities; so they are the first to decide they can raise a child better than the parents.  They are the people who spend Hundred of Millions of Dollars in Social Services, Early Childhood Development, and every other program to help the disadvantaged.  But what they actually do is take the responsibility away from the parents.

The Family unit is an integral part of all Americans lives, no matter the color, size, or county lines.  If we think we can turn our children over to a beaucracry and let them raise the next generation, we deserve everything we get.  Our kids are not running wild because of a politician, a government program, or any other red herring.  We learned hard lessons but we don’t share them with our children.  We stake our faith in schools, counselors, or anybody else tasked with the responsibility and then we look dumbfounded when our children can’t read, write, or have the stamina to compete in-game. 

The Coaches

The leader of the unit, next up at bat.  This is so easy.  If the coach doesn’t think the team can win, then the team probably won’t win. One thing I learned about football from my older brothers’ was how mean a coaches are.  They went to County schools and the coaches called them all kinds of names, made them run extra laps for little in fractures, and flew into a rage after a team loss.  They were taught discipline, humility, respect and they loved their coaches for it.  Do I even need to remind you D/L/P run the inner cities, so they are the first to frown upon an adult being an adult and a child staying in a child’s place?

A line of Authority is an integral part of all Americans lives, no matter the color, size or county lines.  Our children need people who demand respect of them, if not, how will they ever learn how to be respectful?   Our children need people who demand greatness from them, if not, how will they ever learn what great feats they are capable of?  Our children need to be praised for their accomplishments and called out for their mistakes, if not, how will they ever know the difference?

Where are the Fathers’

The role model has to come next.  How can a mother teach a boy how to tackle?  Now, this is not a knock on women.  I love football and can teach a boy a lot about all aspects of the game, but I can’t teach him the mechanics of receiving a snap without fondling the Centers’……well you know what I mean.  A boy, especially a football player, needs a father or at least, a father figure. He needs that affirmation that he is moving up on the food chain of manhood that only another man he respects can give him.  D/L/P run the inner city and they are the first ensure there is no man in the house by giving food stamps and housing to the women, with the simple intent of keeping the man away.

A two Parent household is an integral part of all Americans lives, no matter the color, size, or county lines.  A mother can sit on the sidelines and say “they better not hurt my baby”, while the father is yelling “hit’em harder”.  I don’t really mean that, because I would be in the stands yelling “not another yard”, but you get what I’m saying.  Dads punch the sore spots, while Moms get the ice packs.  While there is always a story of a child who made it through tough circumstances, he is usually surrounded by a team that had normal home lives.

A Respect of School

Under the lights should be a sanctuary. (Yes, that is a direct reference to Remember the Titans)  Today, our kids use a difference in schools as another reason to separate themselves.  I rep this school, you rep that school, so we have a problem.  What?  They have no respect for the building that houses their school.  They have no respect for the Principals, Teachers, or any other authority in that school.  They have no respect for the materials provided to them by that school.  Yet, they can fight with other students because the rep that school.  D/L/P run the inner cities, check your local school board, and they are constantly pointing out how inferior the schools are in their districts.  You think the kids don’t hear?

A belief in the Institutions of Education is an integral part of all Americans lives, no matter the color, size, or county lines.  How can you expect a 13 year-old to care about a school he attends, when he constantly hears news reports about how the school is falling apart?  How can you expect him to care about an education when he knows there is a 43% chance he will drop out?   With unions running the school boards, instead of focusing on the kids, the talk is always about getting more money.  No amount of money will help a child who has zero respect for his institution of learning.

Calling All Boosters

The support team, WE NEED YOU!  With State budgets shrinking, extra-curricular activities are the first to go.  D/L/P makes sure of it, then they throw it back in our faces as a reason to raise taxes.  Yet again, this can’t all be placed at the feet of Government.  It should be our jobs as parents to know what our children, their schools, and their sports teams need.  We need to take our place back as boosters, fundraisers, and Sponsors. 

A support system is integral in all Americans’, no matter color, size, or county lines.  Nothing can give a team more confidence than the support our their entire community.  When people show up, the kids have a reason to believe their victory, or defeat, won’t only affect them but everyone around them.  They get the chance to prove to that negative neighbor, all those nights in the back yard running drills was worth it.  They get to show their little brothers what they can accomplish with hard work.  They get a chance to shine in front of the people that most influence their lives.  There is no replacement for that feeling.

With all that said, what are we left with?  A generation of children who have no desire to compete.  They don’t care if they’re the best or if they get beaten 38-8.  They don’t care about anything and we leave them in a system that doesn’t truly care about them.  It’s sad there isn’t more of a reason to celebrate on Friday Nights.

Why Can’t I Find A Man?:A Look at Black Femenist

October 13th, 2010 | By

Every female has a friend that can find fault in every man that comes around her.  She is the one you don’t invite when you’re introducing your new beau to the fam.  Every man she does like ends up wanting to knock you in the head from time to time.  That is your Feminist Friend.

Since the release of Fire from the Heartland, I’ve been introduced to a new segment of the population I didn’t take seriously.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still don’t take them seriously but I’ve begun to notice what part they play in breaking down the black community.  They create the bitter, uptight, always want to tell you about your man when she  never has one, woman in your life.  She is of the feminist mold.

 That is not most black women.  We are strong and don’t mind being independent but we still want a man.  Personally, I’m not changing a tire, checking the oil, or taking out the trash.   That is what my man is for.  I will, however, cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I will go over and over spelling words and spend hours braiding hair because that is what the woman does.  I bake cookies, sign up to go on field trips, and for the first Five years of my daughter’s life I have shaped her outlook on life.

To you, nothing I’ve written so far sounds bad.  You’re thinking that’s right, that’s how it’s supposed to be, but the feminist consider these life choices to be destructive to Womenhood.  That unless your husband is a cheating politician, a lying Global Warming Billionaire, or is attracted to you because you’ll inherit Daddy’s Millions’ then there is no reason for you to consider marriage.

I remember the argument when I was about 10 years old.  Murphy Brown was intentionally becoming a single mother on T.V.   The debate became is it something wrong with a woman raising a child on her own?  What was left out of the debate makes all the difference.  We didn’t know the effects of providing for the mother and the child; leaving the father to fend for himself in the streets.  They didn’t tell us part of the Communist plan was to destroy the notion of what is family.  They forgot to remind us the first thing slave masters did was separate the family as the means to break both the women and the men.

Yet again, they made the conversation about the symptoms and not the actual problem.  Yet again, Hollywood was used to tell us the heartbreak we were starting to experience in our neighborhoods was socially acceptable.  Once again, we became the guinea pigs.  Where was Al Sharpton telling the black community not to listen to such non-sense.  Oh, that’s right, he was taking money from Planned Parenthood.   And we look around and wonder what’s wrong with our community?

The feminist of today are right there with Sharpton, killing black babies because they don’t want them brought up in poverty.  They created the atmosphere that keeps the poverty rates high in black communities.  When will we wake up?  They tell us it’s cool to be a single mother, then complain that little black boys grow up in a home with no father.  The show pity to the black community with more handouts, while they are on their Fifth marriage.  They keep trying to get it right and keep financing your inability to even try.  (Try getting food stamps with a man in the house.)

You may think I’ve gotten of target with the title but I know what I’m doing. LOL  This is why, WE CAN’T FIND GOOD MEN!  As women, we all have an idea in our head of what our man should be.  How he should look.  How he should dress.  His shoe size.  We never question their character.  Whether your married, in a relationship, or single, have  you even thought about what principles you want in a man?   Would you trade his wallet size for the respect he shows you and your family.  Could you trade looks for a strong work ethic?   Should you pick a man because of what he can do for your social status or what he can do for your spirit?

We have bought the Liberal/Progressive/feminist lies.  We look past men who drive buses, dump trash, or clean floors because we don’t hold men in high regard when they work their fingers to the bone to provide for their family.  Therefore, men don’t see the point in “degrading” himself to manual labor.  So they sell drugs, get locked up, or are measured for caskets.  These are the symptoms of the Liberal/Progressive/feminist attack on the black community.  They are the Real PROBLEM. 

We need to fall back on our principles.  We all want a home, a family, and security.  They want to make sure we hold no value in these things.  They want us to believe we must turn to them for a solution to all our problems, problems they created.  If we want to get back to happy, healthy famililes, then we must first start voting our principles and not endorsing candidates that go against everything we believe.

Fire from the Heartland: Obama’s Gangsta

September 25th, 2010 | By

I actually cut my last article short because I really wanted to address this. I recieved my first piece of negative press about Fire from the Hearland.  It is entitled Obama a “gangsta” says new film celebrating conservative women.

Out of the whole film, really?  Garance Franke-Ruta are you serious?  Of course you are.  This is the women who didn’t even look me in the eye when she was interviewing me.  She didn’t ask me a single question about my “gansta” comment when she had me right in front of her face.  Instead she waits until she is behind her computer screen to right such nonsense.

Well, isn’t the internet a wonderful thing. 

Did I say Obama was gangsta?  Yes I did.  Back on July 22nd 2008 when I wrote a piece entitled Is Barack Obama the Tony Soprano of Politics?  and I stand by every word I wrote in that article.    I said you had to bring your street smarts with you when you look at Candidate Obama.

And No Garance Franke-Ruta, it’s not because he’s black or I’m black, it’s because he is from CHICAGO!  As Andy Stern would say, “it’s because if they can’t use the power of persuasion they will use the persuasion of power”. It’s because instead of running a fair race, they use loopholes and political favors to elect their representatives.

My real anger at Obama’s Gangsta lies in the results.  How many more black boys have to die on the streets of Chicago before you start pointing the fingers towards the people that profit from their deaths?  How long does the above average poverty and unemployment rates amongst blacks in Illinois have to continue before we look at the government they have in place?  Are we going to wait until the state falls into bankruptcy before we as a nation can say there is something rotten in the Windy City.

Or shall we wait until Rahm Emaual, who has ten times the gangsta in his pinkie finger as Obama has in his whole body, to become Mayor to Hope for Change?   Oh wait, am I a racist for calling a Jew gangsta?  Am I sexist for saying Barack Obama’s big sis Valerie Jarrett is a female gangsta?  Or am I self-hating for pointing out President Barack Obama has no high profile blacks, other than Eric Holder, in his administration. 

No, I’m just a part of that misguided group Frederick Douglass Foundation.  We are imagining we have 13 black Republicans running across the country for seats traditionally held by Democrats.  We aren’t campaigning in safe white zones, we are venturing out into the communities that Democratic policies have destroyed in the last 40 years:

Star Parker (CA-37)

Ryan Frazier (CO-7)

Allen West (FL-22)

Isaac Hayes (IL-02)

Robert Broadus (MD-4)

Charles Lollar (MD-5)

Bill Marcy (MS-2)

Michael Faulkner (NY-15)

Bill Randall (NC-13)

Tim Scott (SC-3)

Charlotte Bergman (TN-9)

Stephen Broden (TX-30)

Chuck Smith (VA-3)

Did I forget to point out, majority of these candidates are Tea Party Favorites?

I don’t know why I expected more from reporter but I did.  It was a novice mistake but it won’t happen again.  If you get anything from this film, make it my response to Arlen Specter’s questioning of Michelle Bauchman: “had it been me, you would’ve gotten a response from someone who didn’t care about being a lady”.